Don't Understand Me Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Don't Understand Me as performed by Lil Durk

Lyrics to song Don't Understand Me by Lil Durk

Signed to the streets
Nigga I'm signed to this money signed to my block
Real nigga shit man only real nigga could relate to this type shit right now
Free da guys free my real niggas

I do this for my family they don't understand me
No new niggas round me they don't understand me
I do this for my crew I do this shit for you they don't understand me
They don't understand me x5

Verse 1
That street shit was getting hectic and them gun shots was getting reckless
Rome introduced me to hector and I left my kinect naked
Folk'nem had four walls I'll never forget about yall always pick up them calls
Scream free the guys on my blogs
Send money off to them books even if I gotta sell hooks
Or go low on my features that 10 bandz come in handy so yall gotta understand me
Ain't giving passes like manning ain't giving passes like manning
Bullet burn thru his skin like a tanning
So this is for my loyal niggas no fuckery just loyal niggas
So this is for my jail niggas get caught in that jam ain't tell niggas


Verse 2
My vision ain't the same vision my livings ain't the same living
See what you know bout being missing splending plenty weeks in them kitchens
Splending plenty weeks in them trips where shit get real, real fast
Where you get killed fast without a plane you won't last
See life you only get one
Your dad took your ass done
So live it up don't mess it up and give it up
See I lucked up don't give a fuck I'm too up
My crew up and yall is burnt up
Shooters shoot to kill niggas
Goofies kill for names
Real hittas hit to hit
Fake niggas them niggas ain't got no aim



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