Gunz And Money Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Gunz And Money as performed by Lil Durk

Lyrics to song Gunz And Money by Lil Durk

Sorry we don't know you bitch
Who you rolling with?
Free my bronem out the pen
We be some killer sense
My block, my niggas smoking shit
That's how we rolling shit
We do magic pull up on them Hocus Pocus shit
Guns and money x8

Verse 1:
300 who I'm rolling with
Called a bro we smoking shit
If we broke we poking him
Act like you don't know this shit
Sip lean to stay focus shit
Fed my block with dope and pics
Perculins with coke and shit
50 shots we drumming shit
Fefe we don't come to them
We see a opp we punish him
Word to Nuski killer
Word to Chino killer
Word to Moski killer
We know we gon kill you
You know we don't feel you
You know we gon get em
They know we them niggas
They know we them niggas
Bang bro hoes we brothers bitch
THF my brothers bitch
Got caught on some other shit
Throw out the case like color bitch
One night ain't no cuddle bitch
Ref throw me a rubber bitch
Can't go walking ain't trust a bitch
I can't take care of the kids


Verse 2:
Foenem they be wacking shit
I ain't with that lacking shit
Carry 40s Macs and shit
Inkies back like tatting shit
I be up on racks and shit
I do what's in my riffle shit
Fuck a bitch off my IG don't post my shit relax lil bitch
Cali sipping act and tec I don't how to act with that
I'm a G with this new K
Like I'm with the alphabet
Call up BJ from the pen no back? but he gon make them checks
Late night driving on some bopping shit
Go out west with that
Put them niggas on you
Yeah they'll done you
Can't go home late night cause I put them niggas on you
Yeah yeah
OTF 300 nigga this the year



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