Hell In My City Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Hell In My City as performed by Lil Durk

Lyrics to song Hell In My City by Lil Durk

Ain’t no other niggas like my niggas, you feel me?
(Raising Hell ain’t an option, it’s in our blood
Signed to the streets!)

I'ma ride for my brothers
I'll die for them, that's on my mother
Only the streets can feel my struggle
One thing about 'em ain't no other
I raise hell in my city (And I know, I know, I know, I know)
I raise hell in my city, so be prepared in my city

Verse 1:
Lost Nuski and Pat to a bunch of these bitch niggas
Street nigga heart but the mind of a rich nigga
What's happenin', go back me and bro never switch, nigga
O Town, late night studio, smokin', stain
Couple drinks, tryna get me to sip, nigga
Gave bro thirty something years, he ain’t a snitch nigga
I don't know what's going on with half of these split niggas
One minute in the house next time wanna spit niggas
My city respect and honor me
Ain't a killer but break the bond and see
Muzzle with the chop, trigger finger water
I bet it could part a sea
I'll decease for my niggas
Twenty one years in the streets with my niggas
And that's to my momma, she know about my brother
She know she playin' for keeps, nigga
Late night tryin' stretch somethin'
Dice game, sellin' drugs, it ain't safe after dark, nigga
Call bro, bring the pole, thirty six O’s, then you know not to park nigga
And it’s hell in my city, two shots hit head or tail in my city
War time if it's animosity, and I got the squad to rock with me


Verse 2:
Ride, I'm a rider
Beef with my squad then theres no survivors
Young niggas fourteen, no L's that be drivin'
Then catch a body on a nigga be lackin', we 'bout violence
Let alcohol trick you to a coffin
Think I'm sweet tell lil' bro to off 'em
Chicago on my back, nigga
No love in hip-hop cause we don't act nigga
Sip act nigga on the block with a Mac nigga
No money but we tax niggas
Nigga's city show love to the rap niggas
That's my all my L's go loyal
And these niggas, these bitches ain't loyal
And these streets, these streets ain't for you
And I'm a rider so save that shit for them other niggas
Niggas ain't fuckin' with us, niggas ain't ridin' with us
These niggas ain't out every night on the strip with the hammers outside with us
Magazine tryin' to vibe with us, hoppin' out that black Benz tryin' to slide with us
Niggas say I'm bad business but niggas cuffin' bitches, I'm a side nigga



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