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These are the lyrics to song Intro as performed together by Lil Durk&Lori Perri

Lyrics to song Intro by Lil Durk feat. Lori Perri

This is Durk
Better known on the Southside of Chicago
And throughout the midwest as Lil Durk's Father
As it started out I had a life sentence
For the stool pigeon who told on me
And I been doing that time for 22 years now
But it happened through Allah
By the grace of Allah
I got that blessing and won that appeal
And now I'll be out in a few years
To be with my boy, to be with my sons
To be where I'm supposed to be in life
And do the things I'm supposed to do as a father
As always, for those who in the struggle
For those who in this system
For those who in the state's system
Keep ya head, keep fighting
Cowards, rats, don't never win over real dudes
So keep ya head up soldier
And we gone keep on letting thing continue to flow
And we'll get out an do what we supposed to do as men
And hold our own
And be the fathers we supposed to be
Be the men of the community we supposed to be

Haha, I tried to get that in
Got Javion on the 1's and 2's
I want yall to follow this shit. Ya dig?
I put him in his glo, he put me in mine
You know how we do it. L's!
Got Juice in this bitch with me, Khali

Off the rage in Chicago to kill
Stay duckin' hollows, fu shit
On my block where it get too real
One nigga doing 2 drills
J-Money love the blue steel
LA bussin' off 2 pills
My niggas too trill
300 niggas too real
300 niggas too real (Yeah)
Pluto be t'ed off the Remy
Think he a Migo off the Remy
I think I'm Nuski with the semi
He still got the strap, niggas trippin'
And I'm hard body, man I miss him
Chino dead not to mention
I was in the studio coolin' sippin'
And they told me stay in the kitchen
Don't be loafin' with these bitches
Don't put trust into these niggas
B Throat gang will get you missin'
J-Rock keep saying he miss 'em
Irish dead that's my first cuz
My first blood
The one I love and I miss you
(Let's Get It! 2x)
Rest in piece to OD
O Block went OC
600 beef with Baldie
Get these lames up off me
If Tay and Buda shot back?
If I was there they would have shot me

Lori Perri & Lil Durk:
Day after day
Seems like I push against the clouds
(I need everybody to pour out some liquor out,)
They just keep blocking out the sun
(For everybody that y’all lost... Fuck it roll up! Haha!)
It seems since I was born
(I’m pourin’ my lean!)
I've waken every blessed morning
(Uhhhhhhh uh-woah!)
Down on my luck and up against the wind

They ain't deserve
I'm out all night and ain't worried
Mama trippin' got a nigga nervous
I'm just sippin' drivin' steady swervin'
Bullets catch 'em quick
Hollows burn 'em
Twitter niggas steady talkin', Murder
Call my lawyer nigga, I ain't heard it
Call my lawyer nigga, I ain't heard it
You'll make the news where I come from
Rap but you get the Blues where I come from
Shoot a tec, you on a cruise where I come from
Get killed out the blue where I come from
Because, niggas ain't keep it too real
Niggas ain't keep it too trill
That's why I got me like 2 deals
I'm tryna chase me 2 mil
Free Rondo, his bond is 2 mil
And I got money I'm chillin'
3 Children
Get money invest into buildings
My nigga we got it we 'round each other
My nigga we buildin'
Niggas be tweakin' get money
Lil nigga chill out on that killin'
The murder capital so ridiculous
I swear I was grindin' for dimes and nickels
I swore I'd never drop a dime on a nigga
(Let's Get It! x3)
Want a war? I'll never waste time on a nigga
Let's Get It! let's get it

Lori Perri & Lil Durk:
Day after day
(Let the beat talk to 'em, talk to 'em)
Seems like I push against the clouds
(I put my life in you!)
They just keep blocking out the sun
(Ohhh! Haha.)
It seems since I was born
(You're there when times are hard)
I've waken every blessed morning
(You're there when times are hard)
Down on my luck and up against the wind (L's)


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