Locked Up Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Locked Up as performed by Lil Durk

Lyrics to song Locked Up by Lil Durk

I can't see your face we talk through cell phones
I salute you a thousand times cause you ain't say nothing
It hurt your heart your kids keep telling you you a jailbird
You don't complain when you don't get visits cause you get mail first
You lost your guys, half your sentence and it still hurt
Please don't think about the streets put your appeal first
Before I ever tell a lie I get it real first
Before I ever tell a lie I get the real dirt
(Turn up)
When you was free you had them AK
Whoever think that you'd be passing out a state tray
And the squad was mad at Rio cause he ain't take eight
23 years he's surviving off of Jpay
And you ain't gotta send them money cause they stay straight
Boona gotta do one more year I know he can't wait
They steady throwin Law in the hole cause he gotta gang case
And I be steady taking drugs to keep my pain away
I done did so much time for my gun case
Look in the mirror all I see is my son's face,
And my daughters' and my mom's face
The state came with a plea get outta my face
You my friend, not my family it's a difference
I know a killer who turned the city up he snitchin'
I know you did so why you telling me you didn't
But I know another killer who turned up as a witness
Would say their name but know that that ain't none of my business
You ain't tell on the gang so you say that shit ain't snitching
Tryna throw up my gang, country scratching off the picture
Gave the police some guns so they can lighten up they sentence
Y'all daddy love y'all you gone hear him talking shit about me
I'm from Chicago if you die then we didn't forget about you
Fuck with that other side, not me you can't forget about it
I witnessed a war inside my city, they kill anybody
I know a nigga who ain't did it but he claimed the body
Nigga get rocked out of town who just came to party
And why you decide to play with me, my shorties insane about me
Your name ain't shit out here I can name some people who really about it
I know Coach Ball, he coach with Harlan, try to put him through college
I started rapping, I dropped outta school, I had my first deposit
I wasn't gonna finish any way, being honest
I can't do no minimum wage being honest
Free all my dogs who locked up
Free all my partners who locked up
Free all my nigga who coked up
Free all my brothers who locked up
Free all them killers who locked up
All them real nigga who locked up
Free them drug dealers who locked up
Cause Obama done changed that one law they gonna pop up


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