One Night Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song One Night as performed by Lil Durk

Lyrics to song One Night by Lil Durk

We don't love these hoes, I only want one night
Then pass her to my bros, I only want one night
These niggas lovin' hoes, I only want one night
These niggas cuffin' hoes, I only want one night
I only want one night 2x
These niggas lovin hoes, I only want one night 3x
These niggas cuffin' hoes, I only want one night

Verse 1
Fuck the bitch and passed her, got on my louie glasses
She just wanna fuck, I like my bitches nasty
Bankroll shawty, ain't no need for cracking
You need it when you done, you ain't gotta ask
I turned her to an eater, can't worry bout no bitch
We don't even need her, just one time with that bitch
I'm right here in the spot, can't worry about no bitch
300, OTF she gone fuck off strength
No sex, just neck, just pass her to my squad
Free bro, free rex, for them boys I go hard
You probably like the rest, we ain't like the rest
I'm leanin' everyday like I like to rest


Verse 2
Stacks of hell of bands, do the money dance
She only got one dollar, that mean you gotta chance
Everybody up, bankcount plan
To do the president, she gotta do hell of friends
Fuck alot of these hoes, wifing hoes, don't do those
She thinking bout two nights, adios amigos
That turn down for what, I'm turned up, turnt up
Rob who? you crazy boy, don't get burned up
Strip club going up, bro nem' pouring up
Ten thousand ones, still bitches wanna fuck
Stripper bitches eat us, I know the hoes eat us
Black cards and visa's, foreign cars we keep coming by



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