Party Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Party as performed by Lil Durk

Lyrics to song Party by Lil Durk

Intro: Lil Durk
Let's throw a party, let's throw a party (Let's get it)
Let's throw a party (a party a party party)

Hook: Lil Durk
Lets have a party
Invite the bad bitches
Invite the drug dealers
Bring the city out cause I'm that nigga
She wanna be famous
Just let me record her
Put grits in my water
We gonna turn up at this party like
Party party lets throw a party (x8)

Verse 1: Lil Durk
Party party lets throw a party
She geeking, she tweeking, she high off the molly
Bitches on bitches, she say she not gay if she kissing her body
Bring me Patron, I meant the designer
Pass me the hookah, pass me the 9
Pass me my mic, my show starts at 9
Let's party party party party
Lil bitch say she want me now, say my name bring the city out
She wanna fuck cause she see me at Diddy's house
Lil ho i can't go low,i can't go (let's get it)
Call DJ up, play me, block party
Glock 40 on me, cause these niggas hate me
Lil bitch she a head hunter (Say she a head hunter)
Wanna fuck cause my red bottoms (cause my red bottoms)
I'm turning up I'm a bread winner (Turning up I'm bread winner)
You can't come if you ain't getting money (She ain't getting no money)
I can't go, tryna get a bank roll (bank roll)
You ain't on the list should of never came ho
Get in free, if you do the Bang Bros

Hook: Lil Durk

Verse 2: Young Thug
Party when I'm broke, party when I'm rich
Party in a coupe, party with your bitch
No candy see you later
We gorillas nigga, cage us
Party hard, I need more acres
No phone, I book on papers
You could say I'm in 3hunna the way I left the bitch in that dirt
I'm a King Slime, she walk off I'm going in her purse
Ooh she feeling me just like a nurse
Just because I'm a star don't mean she won't get burnt
Jiggle that, jiggle that, jiggle that baby
When I fucked you I came right back the next day
Nigga party big as a parade
I'm YSL, Durk, tell 'em whatcha bang

Bridge: Lil Durk
OTF, I do it for the fam
Pull out your phone and do it for the gram
Put ya hands up jump up and down and just jam (Jam)
Jump up and down and just jam

Hook: Lil Durk


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