Rider Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Rider as performed by Lil Durk

Lyrics to song Rider by Lil Durk

We smoked up, no hawk eyes
No new niggas in my eyes
Run up on me and you die
Broski in the cut like peroxide
Cause I go hard for my niggas (I'm a rider)
And I'm a die for my niggas (I'm a rider)
And I'm a ride for my niggas (I'm a rider)

Verse 1:
My niggas know I'm a rider
Hate cause I'm on fire
Did my time for my hammer, ain't tell cause I'm a rider
Always throwin' my side up
Eat cause I'm a survivor
These bitches who sleep with me don't let these snakes slide up
Fuck niggas
Fuck bitches
All these haters can't fuck with us
Pradas strapped and my partner strapped
Streets with us I'm a street nigga
Chopο»Ώ from the Glock I peep niggas and my day one niggas they eat with us
People in miami bring heat with us
Four in a four pour lean with me
Lets go (Lets go)
Run up on me get chopped up
These police can't stop us
Red tape niggas get mopped up
O.T.F. niggas my partners


Verse 2:
I'm a ride with my niggas, I'm a die with my niggas
Got a vibe with my niggas, Eye to eye with my niggas
Homicide for my niggas, makin cash with my niggas
And I tell 'em free my niggas I lie for my niggas
I'm a hustla, I dont really care who dont fuck with us
That beef shit, these fuck niggas they duck from us
300 thats 300 its enough of us, These labels and this money tryna fuck with us
And I'm a ride for my niggas I'm a rider
And I'm a die for my niggas I'm a rider
I'm pullin triggers for my niggas I'm a rider
And I'm a rider, cuz I'm a rider



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