The Garden Interlude Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song The Garden Interlude as performed by Little Simz

Lyrics to song The Garden Interlude by Little Simz

You see, Simbi
Your decisions don't just affect you
Your first love often blinds you
To be loved is to be held

How many do you believe have felt your presence
When needed the most?
When in fear of the unknown, who do you call?
Patience is a virtue
Trust your intuition but get out of your head
Masking your emotions is a weakness
It's a kindness to let people in
Humble pie is often the hardest to swallow
Be your best friend and not your worst enemy
Feelings of being misunderstood are hard to fathom
But you were never brought here to fit in
All you give will be all you shall receive
Water your seeds, give your garden the love it needs


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