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Lyrics in Album Here For Now (2020)

There is a total of 17 lyrics in Album Here For Now (2020). Pick your favourite song and start singing.

Song titleArtist names
  1. 1Scooter's Debut (Intro)Louis The Child
  2. 2Big LoveLouis The Child ft. EARTHGANG
  3. 3BittersweetLouis The Child
  4. 4Little ThingsLouis The Child ft. Quinn XCII & Chelsea Cutler
  5. 5We All Have DreamsLouis The Child ft. K.Flay
  6. 6Nobody Like YouLouis The Child ft. Vera Blue
  7. 7Don't MindLouis The Child
  8. 8Every ColorLouis The Child ft. Foster The People
  9. 9Get TogetherLouis The Child ft. DUCKWRTH
  10. 10What a WorldLouis The Child ft. Bob Moses
  11. 11La La La (Everything's Okay)Louis The Child
  12. 12FreeLouis The Child ft. Drew Love
  13. 13We Are Here For NowLouis The Child
  14. 14Fade AwayLouis The Child
  15. 15Here Comes a FeelingLouis The Child ft. Naomi Wild & Couros
  16. 16Self CareLouis The Child ft. COIN
  17. 17Somewhere ElseLouis The Child ft. BabyJake


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