5 - Where Would I Be Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song 5 - Where Would I Be as performed by Lounger G

Lyrics to song 5 - Where Would I Be by Lounger G

Where would i be if i wasnt doing what im doing in Music, Feel this Beat an Hear these Lyrics.

                                                   1st VERSE 

Would i be where i wanna be doing what i wanna do in Life be on the Next Bus ,,be on the next flight,be on the next train,i just dont wanna be unknowen to the knowen to know where iam ,Did he reach his Destanation, Did i reach my Destanation, itd a journey with no Dircations gots me Flys down the Highway i anit got Time to take a Exit an Commit Crimes im to Busy Wrighting Rymes,To be Honest Man i dont Bother Nobody i just do my thing in this world where Nobody wants to give me a Job because they dont wanna see me Live dont wanna see me Succss then you get cought for Robbing an stilling then they say why cant you work for your shit, Well when i wanna work for my shit Nobody wants to let me Work for my s! hit then they Tell you to make a Change an when you make a Change,you enter back into a Sicity that Says we cant help you ,your a Falny,now see thats what the Fuck i mean i done Changed everything about me but not a dam things changed around me.


Where would I be,What would i be doing ,Nobody would ever know an yous dont even know Fools

                                                      2nd VERSE 

Would i still be Dipping out in Elderados & Sliver Radoes Drinking from Old E Bottles carrying a Peace that will leave a Hole in your Head the Size of a Ovacodo, Like a East Sider from the East Side of Pueblo,Colorado then ill be gona like where did he go? somewhere 1 min an gone the Next have you sayn ,have you seen Him have you seen Him Nobodys seen Him ,Nobody Knows where he is or where he would be an for all you need to know is im Prob! le in the Pentantry or Cemitary in this Cold World where Nobod! y wanna give me a Chance ,Im just being me an Right here is the Place i wanna be, theres no other place id rather be then keeping it Real in my Music an Telling you the Shit i been through in my Life tryn to Servie walking through the Darkest of the Darkest Nights with no Street Lights an not a Soul in Site an it would be me all alone an im Rolling on my Own with Nowhere to go man i dont have a Home following Rome with my Fucken Crome an Everything that i got would be just what i got on but if yous havent seen me around ill be around im the Most knowen but yet unknowen Proble Loungen in the Back or wondering around ya im the wondera ya the wondera proble walking around with my head down like i lost my best friend covering my tears with my Locs.


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