6 - Why Me Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song 6 - Why Me as performed by Lounger G

Lyrics to song 6 - Why Me by Lounger G

Why Dose it seem like the Shits always gota be Me?


Why Why Why dose it gota be Me Me Me,Man it seems like the shits always gota be Me

                                                       1st VERSE

My Days been having me Dazed Waking up on the wrong side of the Bed having Bad Dreams having Bad Luck, An this is how i know my Life is Outa Lucky Fool everything gets worse nothing gets better why dose it gota be me? man since day 1 this shit was ment for me to be Abanded Stroggle to have a Family an to Live in my Dreams but its like i Beleave in God but He dont bele! ave in me an i know this because he anit ansewred my Prayers an that shit gives me a Lack of Confidence to keep going in this Music thing, man i swear to God its like Hes Lol right here in front of my fucken Face id hang up the Microphone an give god back his Telent all i wanna do is have Kids i want a Wife man i wanna be a Family Man so Fuck all the Money an Fame doing all the Funer things in Life dont Mean Shit if i anit got Nobody to spend it with


Why Why Why dose it gota be Me Me Me,Man it seems like the shits always gota be Me

                                                       2nd VERSE

Dam right i done Wok! e up pissed off this Morning im having a Bad Fucken Day everyb! odys ear iting me an im about to catch a Case but na Man if i dont do shit they cant Prove shit so i keep my Lawers Number on Speed Dial cuz every lil thing i do no matter where i go seems like motha Fuckers gota hate on me Point Fingers on me all the way from the X Bitchs to the Court System tryen to Rip Apart what the Fuck i Built up geting shit Mixed up tryen to Lable an Catigorize me as a Crimel Gang Member, now lets get 1 thing understud im a Gangsta but not a Member of a Gang (so im fake) an another thing im a Professinoal Entertainer thats right a striat Business Man so Subtrack that Business Suit Homeboy.


Why Why Why dose it gota be Me Me Me,Man it seems like the shits always gota be Me.

                                                       3rd VERSE 

So as i Roll Solo about my own in Life i Stop an Realize i! f i Die i got Nobody to keep my Fucken Name Alive im the Last in my Bloodline if my Blood Dies here Remember i wrote this shit in Blood with Tears coming form my Eyes Dreaming of the Day where i Could put all the Stroggles an Pains i been through in my Past Life behind but the Day never came an they say Dreams Come True Man an all the Time i Wasted in my Life i anit never gona get back so as Time keeps ticking ya im still Praying to the Lord up above asking Him Whys there Something for Everybody an Nothing for Me

                                                Why why why why?


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