Its The Robber, Gambler Remix Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Its The Robber, Gambler Remix as performed by Lounger G

Lyrics to song Its The Robber, Gambler Remix by Lounger G

On a early Monday morning on a prison transport headed up state met up with some homies' and we were all too tired to sleep so we took turns aw staring out the window to the freedom boredom overtook us,he began to speak he said. " son I've spent a lifetime figuring out how the law works so let me give you some advice and hands me a Ramon noodle and says he's to depressed to eat and as the ride got deathly quiet his face lost all expression and said if your gonna be in a gang you better know how to bang.


You got to know when to hold'em up " know when to hold'em up" know how to walk away and know when to run ,you never count your money when your siten at a table thell be time enough to count it when you get back to the dope-house and the robbery's done.

                                                  2nd VERSE

Every husltla knows that the secret to surviving is knowing what to deal and when to make a deal cause every huslta will eventually brake even and in his final words he finished speaking " prospect turned back towards the window and faded off to sleep.


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