Rollen On My Own Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Rollen On My Own as performed by Lounger G

Lyrics to song Rollen On My Own by Lounger G

Just when yous thought i needed yours ,i don't need yous because all you ever did was bring me down be that extra lug that kept me down ,ya yous kept me down an couldnt even hold it down for me when i was locked down an i dont see how when yous know im down an i put it down for my brown peeps, Then you wonder why when i made it i moved outa town ,dont even come around,dont even wanna be around yous,,,,,yous know who im talking about that never wanted me around now all of a suden you wanna hang around me , like whats up lounger an its like i gota roll out cuz i dont roll like that an i dont want no part of your roll now your gona see how i stroll when i roll.

                                                     2nd VERSE 

now lets take a lil trip to when i was down feeling down reaching out to yous an yous couldnt give me a hand, ya i remember all the Times i Fall Down looking around Nobody around,an i never thought id be so lonesome lonely off all by Myself i guess im better off all by Myself because everytime i find Myself im by Myslef ,,,Nobody but me since yous left it to where its just me,so i just gota think about Myself just me myself an i Rolling Solo doing my Own thing in Life,An its just me all Alone,so i had to learn how to hold my Own do everything on my own since i gota Roll on my Own.

                                                      3rd VERSE 

on my own at Home Alone an now when they call my Phone its Disconected ,Like leav! e me Alone because i wanna be left Alone, ya see what Happens ! when you left me Alone yous shouldve never left me Alone,cuz i got lost to the Lone now im a Lonerida Rollen like a Rollen Stone gone out about my Own ,like i can do it on my Own ya i can do it Own my Own,Rollen Smoken all Alone,ya im better off on my Own an just a Strollen all Alone, all Alone ya ill be all Alone all Alone,,just dont try to catch me an fuck off with me ,when im off alone, because ill be that wrong Stranger the one to leave your Life in get Danger,,,Because i dont need Nobody, Because i was Born Alone but dont make me have to not Die Alone.


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