A House is not a Motel Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song A House is not a Motel as performed by Love

Lyrics to song A House is not a Motel by Love

Verse 1:
At my house I've got no shackles,
You can come and look if you want ta.
Through the halls you'll see the mantles,
Where the light shines dim all around you.
And the streets are paved with gold.
And if someone asks you, you can call my name.

Verse 2:
You are just a thought that someone,
Somewhere, somehow feels you should be here.
And it's so for real to touch, to smell,
To feel, to know where you are here.
And the streets are paved with gold,
And if someone asks ya, you can call my name.
You can call my name.
I hear you calling my name, yeah.
Alright now.

Instrumental break featuring electric guitar.

Verse 3:
By the time that I'm through singin',
The bells from the schools of wars will be ringin'.
More confusions, blood transfusions,
The news today will be the movies for tomorrow.
And the water's turned to blood.
And if you don't think so,
Go turn on your tub.
And it it's mixed with mud,
You'll see it turn to gray.
And you can call my name.
I hear you callin' my name.

Instrumental to end featuring electric guitar & vocal stylings.

Written by: Arthur Lee
Performed by: Love-1967
Appears on: Forever Changes-1967, Love Story (1966-1972)-1995, Once More
Again (Love/Arthur Lee)-1996, Comes in Colours-1997, Forever Changes: Deluxe
Edition (Expanded & Remastered)-2001_2
, Forever Changes Concert Video)-2003,
(CD)-2003 & 2005, (CD/DVD)-2003, (CD Bonus Tracks)-2007, Forever Changes:
Collector's Edition-2008, et al._

1__Covered by: Duke Spirit, Giza, The Hellacopters, Arthur Lee, On Trial,
Robert Plant, Strolling Scones, Yo La Tengo, et al.

2__Transcribed from the track on this album.


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