Old man Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Old man as performed by Love

Lyrics to song Old man by Love

Verse 1:
I once knew a man,
Been everywhere in the world.
Gave me a tiny, ivory ball.
Said it would bring me good.
Never believed it would
Until I have been loving you.

Verse 2:
Dear old man,
He'd seen most everything.
Gave me a piece of good advice,
Said it would do me well.
I couldn't really tell
until I have been loving you.

Now it seems things are not so strange.
I can see more clearly.
Suddenly I've found my way.
I know the old man would laugh.
He spoke of love's sweeter days.
And in his eloquent way,
I think he was speaking of you.
You are so lovely.
You didn't have to say a thing.

Verse 3:
But I remember that old man
Telling me he'd seen the light.
Gave me a small, brown, leather book.
Insisted that he was right.
I only heard him slightly,
Till I heard you whisper.
Took you up all in my arms.

Dear old man.
Wise old man.
Fine old man, now.

Written by: Bryan MacLean
Performed by: Love-1967
Appears on: Forever Changes-1967, Love Live-1982, Love Story
(1966-1972)-1995, Comes in Colours-1997, Forever Changes: Deluxe Edition
(Expanded & Remastered)-2001_1
, Forever Changes Concert (Video)-2003,
(CD)-2003 & 2005, (CD/DVD)-2003, (CD Bonus Tracks)-2007, Forever Changes:
Collector's Edition-2008, et al._

1__Transcribed from the track on this album.


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