The Daily Planet Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song The Daily Planet as performed by Love

Lyrics to song The Daily Planet by Love

Verse 1:
In the morning we arise, and
Start the day the same old way.
As yesterday, the day before,
And all in all it's just a day
Like All the rest.
So do your best with chewing gum.
And it is, oh, so repetitious,
Waiting on the sun.

Instrumental break.

Verse 2:
Down on Go-Stop Boulevard,
It never fails to bring me down.
The sirens and the accidents,
And for a laugh there's Plastic Nancy.
She's real fancy.
With her children, they'll go far,
She buys them toys to keep in practice
Waiting on the war.

Instrumental break.

Bridge 1:
I feel shivers in my spine.
When the iceman,
Yes, his ice is melting,
Won't be there on time.
Hope he finds a rhyme,
For his little mind.

Short instrumental break.

Bridge 2:
I can see you With no (hands)/(face)4.
Eyes I need you, you're my (heart)/(face).
Look, we're going 'round and 'round.

Instrumental to end.

Written by: Arthur Lee
Produced by: Bruce Botnick
Performed by: Love_1-1967_2__
Appears on: Forever Changes-1967, Love Story (1966-1972)-1995, Once More
Again-1996, Comes in Colours-1997, Forever Changes: Deluxe Edition (Expanded
& Remastered)-2001, Forever Changes Concert (Video)-2003, (CD)-2003 & 2005,
(CD/DVD)-2003, (CD Bonus Tracks)-2007, Forever Changes: Collector's
Edition-2008, et al.

1__Covered by: The Jigsaw Seen & Arthur Lee.

2__On this track, Carole Kaye plays bass, and Hal Blaine is on drums. As
always, Arthur Lee sings lead.

3__Transcribed from the track on this album.

4__The overall theme of "The Daily Planet," is about the tedium and
repetition of everyday life. However, by the second verse, Lee's lyrics take
on the quality of a labyrinthe, with subject, object and point of view
shifting randomly over the course of a line. By the end of the song, things
are so confusing that the band's backing vocals chant the word "face" when
Lee sings the words "hand" and "heart." As a matter of fact, the combination
of groovy, Beatlesque melody and surreal, inscrutable lyrics became a genre


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