Real Good Sign Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Real Good Sign as performed by Love and Theft

Lyrics to song Real Good Sign by Love and Theft

I don't know what's wrong with me
But I'm wound up tighter than a guitar string
I made her smile and that's gotta mean
I'm doing something right

I won't swear she's into me
But it's looking like she just might be
Her eyes are soft and deep and green
And locked on me tonight
Locked on me tonight

Hey, I'd say I'm doing fine
She hadn't tried to kiss me
But I do believe it's crossed her mind
Hey, the way she's got her hand on mine
It's looking like a real good sign

I like the way she flips her hair
All casual like she don't care
Yeah, she's jus tryin' to make me stare
And man that's all I've done

Well it's been a while since I've been loved
And I don't wanna push my luck
As long as I don't screw this up
She might be the one

Repeat Chorus

Oh, I don't claim to know a woman's mind
I don't know if this thing is gonna fly
but the way she's looking at me sure does make me happy
that's gotta be a real good sign

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, it's lookin' like a real good sign
A real good sign, yeah, baby


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