They Can't Stop us! Lyrics Tru

Master P(talking)
What's up niggas?
I told y'all it's about to be on, nigga
We drop shit anytime we want to huh
Fell this nigga
It's real (explosion)

Verse one

Flippin' the the game
Niggas that got that 'cane
Murder Mr. Dopeman still in this rap game
It's 1997, my niggas gone to heaven
Rest in peace 2Pac from Master P, doin' 2-11s
187 Khadafi, murder
Puttin' niggas in six foot motherfuckin' gurters
If you fuck with this TRU clique
Nigga you gettin' your wig spilt
Who run this gangster rap?
(No Limit runnin' this!)It's 'bout to be it
187 Khadafi
Jumpin' on ghetto dope with these gangster topics
Still makin scrilla
Your neighborhood drug dealer
Ice cream slaingin'
Tattooed up real nigga
In the rap game pushin' quarters
Flippin' the water, from Texas to Florida
Choppin' game to the knuckleheads
And spittin voodoo on the
motherfuckin' chichenheads
Down south hustlin', to the west coast
Got nigga choppin' game, I mean
this rap shit in to dope
Puttin' them in packages, independent spittin' shit
Standing on stages with
bullet-proof vestes, lookin' for
other cliques
But who gon' be the next nigga
to die in this rap game
or drop a hit on the wrong man?
'Cause they talkin' shit about other niggas
Now it's a war zone, in this rap game

But they can't stop us TRU niggas
They can't stop us TRU niggas
They can't stop us TRU niggas
They can't stop us TRU niggas

Verse 2
'Cause if y'all kill one, they'll be a
million other niggas in line
With ghetto dope, bustin' ghetto rhymes y'all
Running from the one time not mines
Posted up, hostin' up like SOLDIERS!
Down south huster, throwin' bolders
Ready to block like a football player
Got these 17 rounds FOR Y'ALL HATERS
So jump on this ghetto shit and
come get this wicked shit
And jump up on this rap game and watch a nigga spit
Killer, murder topics
Put my goals if y'all think y'all can stop it
Hardcore bangin', hangin' slaingin'
Nigga down for whatever that's
why we bangin' on wax
Into traps
Got Beats by the Pound like niggas slaingin' sacks
In the 'hood, up to no good
Got niggas bout it, From Baton Rouge to St. Louis
To Cincinnati
Got niggas lined up in Atlanta like addicts
Gotta have this gangster shit
This real shit

From this motherfuckin' TRU clique
Ain't givin' up, living raw
And if we die, FUCK IT, sell my 'dro
To the next gangster nigga
Rest in peace Easy-E., but I'm
out here makin' SCRILLA!
So fuck y'all white laws
And y'all motherfuckin'.....POLICE CARS!!
Comin' through with gangsters and killers
LONG like the motherfuckin' drug dealer
'97 to 2000 A.D. little kids wanna be me
'Cause I'm bout it, I'm rowdy
The government and the press, them
motherfuckers want me outtie
For runnin' my own shit
Niggas sellin' their company
like the slaves sold their souls
to 30 cents
Break bread
Don't you know 15 percent of what you made?
You a sucker, a clucker
So stop rappin hardcore, you hip-hop motherfuckers
And stay true to the gizzame
Be about your paper, nigga fuck the fizzame
Third ward nigga, runnin' the hill
It ain't no limit to this gangster
shit, blunt smokes and keepin' it

Y'all can't stop us TRU niggas
Y'all can't stop us TRU niggas
Y'all can't stop us TRU niggas
'Cause if y'all kill one, they'll be
a millon more TRU niggas

Slikk The Shocker

Bitch it be Slikk choppin' and
kickin' shit like karate
Fast like a Mazzeroti
Crime boss like John Gotti
Look into their face, niggas afraid of me
Look deeper into their eyes,
they scared, yeah y'all busters
scared of me
'Cause I flow like water
Run shit like Ki-jana Carter
Tell 'em, I'mma be there watch (???)
like the French Quarter
Down for whatever
Bow down nigga never
Buck like a Beretta
Wet you up like bad weather
Got fangs like a cobra
Now I got Range like a rover
You don't fuck with us whether you
fucked up like a hangover
From the city where busters lie
From the city where suckers die
Make way for P and Silkk, two of the
baddest motherfuckers alive
Bitch it's your time
BITCH I want the whole nine
Bust one line, and make niggas
change their whole rhyme
I'm the Shocker
Yeah, I got them
It's TRU motherfuckers, and y'all can't stop us
And it's on


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