Ballin' g's Lyrics Ying Yang Twins

Chorus: (d-roc)
be ballin g's we get buck
all ballin g's just get crunk
bitches let me see you ride that dick
nigga you got ice than rock that shit
real niggas they dont hide they shit
we live and die for niggas we ride wit
f**k tha fame you can have that shit
imma slang an husltin an try
to break me a bitch

Verse 1: (kaine)
I been many places
niggas pimpin an niggas playin
niggas hustlin niggas lyin an niggas prayin
for that allmighty
I ride them twenty inch yokohamas
in this game nigga I broke ya momma
smokin some-a
that tropical potent thunder
slangin dick knockin hoes down like lumber
chancin of u seein this
nigga, Stevie Wonder
the pope said he wanna come
smoke leave ya number

one of the realest niggas
you looked at trick
imma slang an hustle an try
an break me a bitch
soft ass niggas dont bust like this
eightball f**k up all yall when I spit
blows like snows in Ohio thats thick
catch this come up short like bushwick
trick we be known at the slap ridas click
we dont chase hoes an hate
niggas that ride dick


Verse 2: (kaine)
give me the mic an ill give you songs
when the beats bumpin
give you something
for yo streo
an benz-o
chockin the f**k off endo
then go
splurgin off something in some
over sized excursins
livin with a bitch you do
nothin but blow herbs

when we tally hoe
daddy go
thats when my niggas say boom
boom crack boom boom
thats what the trigger say

what I deliever
make you civil
like you was ???
break the skeleton outta
mothaf**kas who sellin them
shoot legs shootin heads
necks an chests first
physically hurtin me
but nigga the stress hurts
I got a red shirt
spreadin over this bullshit
sometimes I wanna put down
this pen and pull this
how come you think ??? with my pistol and
think I got no killin utensils

pistol play
playin wit me a get ya kidnapped
evidence show im just a hustla
that know how to rap
post up an im gone bleed yo block
make it hot til it burn like
a nigga sellin rocks
dd or one d nigga what the fk
my room of 45's got my back in the cuts
??? join the club
I bust all day
just as long as a mothaf
pay me what I weight
hate in my bloodstream
smoked out dreams
shoot raps through my vein
like a nigga was a fiend
I told yall niggas we was
hard from the start
keep enough shit yo blow ya block apart
just to say I did that
you know who did that
that nigga everybody know
he in the fat pack
moet if it was fly nigga I said it
you might regret it if you wet it
and you need a medic


(d-roc and kaine talkin)

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