Belly Button Window Lyrics Jimi Hendrix

Well I'm up here in this womb
I'm lookin' all around
hmm mm mm
Well I'm lookin' out my belly button window
And I see a whole lot of frowns
And I'm wonderin' if they don't want me around

What seems to be the fuss out there?
Just what seems to be the hang?
’Cause you know if you just don't
want me this time around
Yeah, I'll be glad to go back to spirit land
And even take a longer rest
Before comin' down the chute again

Man, I sure remember the last time, baby
They were still arguing about me then
So if you don't want me now
Make up your mind...
Where or when
If you don't want me now
Give or take, you only got two-hundred days
Cause I ain't comin' down this way
too much more again

You know they got pills for ills and
thrills and even spills
But I think your just a little too late
So I'm comin' down into this world, daddy
Regardless of love and hate
I'm gonna sit up in your bed, mama
And just’a grin right in your face
And then I'm gonna eat up all your chocolates, heh
And say "I hope I'm not too late"

So, if there's any questions, make up your mind
’Cause you’d give or take
Questions in your mind....
Give or take, you got only two-hundred days

Way up in this womb
Lookin’ all around
Sure is dark in here...

And I'm lookin' out my belly button window
and I swear I see nothing but a lot of frowns
And I’m wonderin’ if they want me around

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