1 Of The Same Lyrics Andre Nickatina

Ye ye yeh yeh
That's something right there
Its him, dat nigga, my
nigga dem niggas; don't
get no bigga

Just fuckin aroun' in the booth
Tell you a little
something about dat nigga
Tell you a little
something about my nigga
And Imma tell you
something about dem niggas
We all niggas
Even you Mc-peezy
You my nigga
Fa shizzle (my nigga)

I remember bein 8 wit dat nigga
The knees I scrapped with dat nigga
And when I got hungry
When down on Haight wit dat nigga
In stored taste wit dat nigga
And then prayed with dat nigga
And got it straight with dat nigga
I saw my fate wit dat nigga
Learned how to hate wit dat nigga
I got in shape wit dat nigga
I became great wit dat nigga
I hung out late wit dat nigga
Made my pace wit dat nigga
When shit popped off
Evacuate wit dat nigga... shit

Litte something about dat nigga
And den we got my nigga
And den we got dem niggas
It's a dirty game

I went to school wit my nigga
I played hoop wit my nigga
Got a loot wit my nigga
Told all the scoop to my nigga
Looked at them too wit my nigga
Is this me or you my nigga
Copped bitches, blue my nigga
Cuz I'm true to my nigga
I came ?? wit my nigga
Always on cue wit my nigga
When it was who, my nigga
I told her shoo from my nigga
I eat glue wit my nigga
Im never through wit my nigga
And when we needed some blunts
I bought two for my nigga
You see I'm cool with my nigga
Would know what to do wit my nigga
What you wanna do my nigga
Be up till two wit my nigga

Type of shit I do wit my nigga
Type of shit we deal wit dem niggas

So I got the book from my nigga
The shit I took from my nigga
The hos I shook wit my nigga
I got off the hook wit my nigga
You should meet dat nigga
Get a bite to eat wit dat nigga
Make a beat wit dat nigga
And hit the street wit dat nigga
Cuz im hella cool wit dat nigga
Im always true wit my nigga
Done major shit wit dat nigga
And I just cant quit my nigga
I had a fro wit dem niggas
Always on the go wit dem niggas
A lifetime both wit dem niggas
Cuz Im both of dem niggas... shit

Little something bout dat nigga
And now a little something about my nigga
Den a little something
about how Im dem niggas
See Im both of them mayne
Shit gets deep
Real deep
Like the eyes of Minolta
Bet your shit is open
It's a dirty game like I said
It's a 430 game
An S-430 game
Let it fade on out

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