Gametime Lyrics Aspektz

Faster, higher stronger, heart of a king.
A piece of coal, that never met pressure,
would never become the diamond it was meant to be…

Clock ticking down I can feel the game changing
Feels like I'm going to make it
Roar from the crowd got the whole ground shaking
Feels like I'm going to make it
Been here before got a feeling can't shake it
Feels like I'm going to make it
This my chance all I gotta do is take it ...
Gametime baby feels like I'm going to make it

I see the finish line, almost taste the champagne
AI can almost hear the crowd chanting my name
Said I couldn't make it coming from my homebase
But you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take
I need rings like Rocket Richard
TIl my jersey’s lit up by the stars
My lady friends expect great things
I tell them all “Baby, trust pays dividends”
Fans so loud feeling like I'm going deaf
Coming for that gold medal, you can keep whatever’s left
That thoro tip is just what I'm on
Local legend transforming to an icon

Hook x2

Been around the globe I've got a pocket full of dreams
I’ve got the world up on my back until I'm gone up in the wind
I've got one goal up in my mind I've got the heart of a champion
I swear I'll roll around the world trying to turn this dream to reality

Louis XIII shots, Aspektz home
And he's knocking down doors throwing shots at the throne
Can't be stopped, fans recite my bars religiously
Making history - fighting for my legacy
I got the ladies all screaming
Money never sleeps but I’m living like I’m dreaming
Competition real cut throat
Knocked down before - guarantee I'm getting up though
And when the rest of them would stop
I’ll be on that Hendrix tip – ’69 Woodstock
Listen close - what I’m bringing
Feels like feels like we’ve got everybody singing…

Hook x2

Left side put em up, left side put em up
Right side put em up, right side put em up
In the back put em up, in the front put em up
Put em up, put em up, put em put em put em up x2

Hook x2

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