Mac Lyrics

This lyrics archive contain a total of 48 song lyrics by Mac. 38 of these are songs where Mac perform alone, and 10 are songs where Mac perform together with other artists. See other artists related to Mac at the end of this lyrics archive.

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38 song lyrics with Mac alone

Song TitleArtist Name
  1. 1.Battle cry (Tomorrow)Mac
  2. 2.Be all you can beMac
  3. 3.BeefMac
  4. 4.Best FriendsMac
  5. 5.BloodyMac
  6. 6.Boss ChickMac
  7. 7.Callin' meMac
  8. 8.Camoflauge LoveMac
  9. 9.Can u Love me? (Eyes of a Killer)Mac
  10. 10.Cops and RobbersMac
  11. 11.EmpireMac
  12. 12.Father's dayMac
  13. 13.GenocideMac
  14. 14.If It's CoolMac
  15. 15.Like BeforeMac
  16. 16.Lock DownMac
  17. 17.Meet me at the HotelMac
  18. 18.MemoriesMac
  19. 19.Money GetsMac
  20. 20.Murder, Murder, Kill, KillMac
  21. 21.My BrotherMac
  22. 22.Nobody Make a SoundMac
  23. 23.ParadiseMac
  24. 24.ParanoidMac
  25. 25.Put me in tha GameMac
  26. 26.Shell ShockedMac
  27. 27.Shell Shocked (Outro)Mac
  28. 28.Slow ya RollMac
  29. 29.Soldier PartyMac
  30. 30.Still Callin' meMac
  31. 31.Tank DawgzMac
  32. 32.That's hip hopMac
  33. 33.The GameMac
  34. 34.War PartyMac
  35. 35.We DeadlyMac
  36. 36.We Don't Love 'emMac
  37. 37.WoooMac
  38. 38.You Never KnowMac

10 song lyrics with Mac, and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 39.Can I BallMac, Soulja Slim
  2. 40.Doggz Gonna get yaSnoop Dogg, Mac
  3. 41.Ghetto HoneysMaster P, Mac
  4. 42.He did ThatSilkk the Shocker, Mac, Master P
  5. 43.I Can Tell504 Boyz, Jamo, Mac, Mercedes
  6. 44.Itch or ScratchMaster P, Mac, Master P, Prime Suspect
  7. 45.Say BrahMaster P, Mac
  8. 46.Say Brah (Radio)504 Boyz, Mac
  9. 47.Them Boyz504 Boyz, Mac, X-Con
  10. 48.Where do we go from HereMaster P, Mac, Nas, Sons of Funk