As Kept You Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song As Kept You as performed by Madhurima Chetia

Lyrics to song As Kept You by Madhurima Chetia

Loading though about past
Thought about you first
Asking you all past
Get the race get the best
Some time as it is
Part of that being honest
Never fear nature cool
Never put never lie

Being honest be newest
Live on screen
Famed on headline
Fame on time

Let it be get better soon as we are
Being honest be newest
Best ever since look that visible
Visual arts visitors on mind
Visitors can find great together
On your eyes look at that

Being honest be newest
Better more look at that

Be honest take at that
Light point pretend like get
Relaxing rest take at that
Can be well at her place

All of you have a few part
without you more brain blasted
without you more praying mind
Over come past
I have hope some more reason
With me better long time spend

Being honest be newest
Never fear at never lie
At all time
Holding hands whole life


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