First Facts Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song First Facts as performed by Madhurima Chetia

Lyrics to song First Facts by Madhurima Chetia

Form the way few day now it’s back
Best believe it’s big enough
More time to hear up
Until it’s gone first facts about more

Few day beguiling with lots
It’s have been doing
Do you want more points
Power take on charge
Be there perfect pick up from
Hear me better you
Time to time at some pints

First facts next best ever take
Have you ever fast sine
Bewildered chance you have truly
Truly blessed of best take
Few truncated things do not
Good luck ever best

First facts next best ever take
Believe that fast sine
Favoured better forever
Look at decide bing perfect
Fast point power to best
you have been decided
here me better you
Best mood to see you


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