Get There Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Get There as performed by Madhurima Chetia

Lyrics to song Get There by Madhurima Chetia

I know it’s all things there
All though those real truth
Muddle of ride missing on road
I don’t have any real side
Big enough more sapphire
Thought of nice things about

Get there nothing to mean
Some kind of ride all rainbow
Truly blessed turn grow up
Faintly goon to main point

Take of hand it’s real hard
Long way lots of things
I don’t know real nothing
It’s most peanut rides
Better take way too much more

All that blessing real happiness
Find out about more
Convenient for your
Mens of that it’s been going up
My did past mistakes
Not any surprise
Well as I am
Take as well
Being there right pages
Don’t hurt me again
Could be real aesthetically
Pleasing grow up get there

Muddle of ride missing on road
Big enough more sapphire
Faintly going to main point
Could be real aesthetically


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