Just Begun Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Just Begun as performed by Madhurima Chetia

Lyrics to song Just Begun by Madhurima Chetia

Just begun a day beguiling a way
Say just make a way long way
It’s telling a high take a way
It’s been better beginning with you

Younger decision league rules
Be thinking about you doing more
Little freedom is the season
Come true for life more issues
Just begun to sway him
It’s most perfect thinking about you
Everything change always make

That things of new binging are you
It’s turn time and real good luck
It’s be proud sinewy is here
Just begun big line up sets back
It’s most have been criterion for
Best stance ever well
Eligibility right there best criterion

Just begun a day beguiling a way
Because of clacking joy
It’s have been seen more than ever
It’s been lots of better than you


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