Lots Of Happened Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Lots Of Happened as performed by Madhurima Chetia

Lyrics to song Lots Of Happened by Madhurima Chetia

Lots of happened it’s more than because us
It’s more time than behind because us
Because of you being more new
Be first thing of best sine
Deep breath light sine on mind
High life that more happened

That little will keep resole happy
I want some special important
Kind of keep well up binging more
Kidding have graces movement
Some to my hard conditions
You make me feel like a way
Say something about more

Lots of happened it’s more than
Deep breath light sine moon light
High established you dear
High estimates ever here
Come true live from newer
Wings of flying speed again
Lots of happened big things away
Some kind of happiness
Some kind of ride
You are best part of life

Lots of happened do something more
Lost of happened some kind of more
That best graces movement


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