Crazy Being Home Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Crazy Being Home as performed by Mark Wills

Lyrics to song Crazy Being Home by Mark Wills

He almost forgot how to drive over here
While he tried to survive a year over there
Some young punk just flipped him off
And ran him off of the road
He just turned 22 last week
In the back of a strike somewhere in Tehran
He never thought he'll live to be this old
It’s crazy being home
It’s crazy being home

He stepped off a plane
Feels like yesterday
They were waving flags and signs with his name
They said they were proud for what he'd done
If they only knew what he had become
The girl he loved she swore that she'd wait
But he came home to a cold empty place
Had a burger today, got a new cell phone
It’s crazy being home

The stars all look the same
He still answers to his name
It’s OK, something just ain’t right
It's right to fight for what you love
But his young eyes have seen too much
Till you've been where he's been
You wouldn’t understand
I hope you'll never have to, my friend

He got the call, was back on the plane
To where he belongs that might sound insane
But his brothers are there, they can’t fight this alone
So they dropped him right there in the blood red sand
His best friend is locked and loaded in his hands
And the sergeant yells, "Boys, it's time to go"
And he thought, it’s crazy being home

It’s crazy being home
It’s crazy being home
Crazy being home
It’s crazy being home


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