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Lyrics in Album Lifer (2017)

There is a total of 13 lyrics in Album Lifer (2017). Pick your favourite song and start singing.

Song titleArtist names
  1. 1LiferMercyMe
  2. 2You Found MeMercyMe
  3. 3Grace Got YouMercyMe ft. John Reuben
  4. 4Best News EverMercyMe
  5. 5Even IfMercyMe
  6. 6Hello BeautifulMercyMe
  7. 7We WinMercyMe
  8. 8Happy DanceMercyMe
  9. 9Heaven's HereMercyMe
  10. 10GhostMercyMe
  11. 11A Little HopeMercyMe
  12. 12SingMercyMe
  13. 13His Eye Is On The SparrowMercyMe


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