Michael Jackson Lyrics

This lyrics archive contain a total of 251 song lyrics by Michael Jackson. 230 of these are songs where Michael Jackson perform alone, and 21 are songs where Michael Jackson perform together with other artists. See other artists related to Michael Jackson at the end of this lyrics archive.

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230 song lyrics with Michael Jackson alone

Song TitleArtist Name
  1. 1.(I Like) The Way You Love MeMichael Jackson
  2. 2.2 BadMichael Jackson
  3. 3.2000 WattsMichael Jackson
  4. 4.25 MilesMichael Jackson
  5. 5.A Brand New DayMichael Jackson
  6. 6.Ain't no SunshineMichael Jackson
  7. 7.All I NeedMichael Jackson
  8. 8.All the Things You AreMichael Jackson
  9. 9.An Angel Came to meMichael Jackson
  10. 10.Another Part of meMichael Jackson
  11. 11.Baby be MineMichael Jackson
  12. 12.BadMichael Jackson
  13. 13.Be a LionMichael Jackson
  14. 14.Beat itMichael Jackson
  15. 15.Beautiful GirlMichael Jackson
  16. 16.Behind the MaskMichael Jackson
  17. 17.BenMichael Jackson
  18. 18.Best of JoyMichael Jackson
  19. 19.Billie JeanMichael Jackson
  20. 20.Billie Jean (Pepsi Version)Michael Jackson
  21. 21.Black or WhiteMichael Jackson
  22. 22.Blood on the Dance FloorMichael Jackson
  23. 23.Blue GangstaMichael Jackson
  24. 24.Break of DawnMichael Jackson
  25. 25.Breaking NewsMichael Jackson
  26. 26.Burn the Disco outMichael Jackson
  27. 27.ButterfliesMichael Jackson
  28. 28.Call on meMichael Jackson
  29. 29.Can I Go on?Michael Jackson
  30. 30.Can You Feel ItMichael Jackson
  31. 31.Can't Get Outta the RainMichael Jackson
  32. 32.Can't Let Her Get AwayMichael Jackson
  33. 33.CarouselMichael Jackson
  34. 34.CheaterMichael Jackson
  35. 35.ChildhoodMichael Jackson
  36. 36.Cinderella Stay AwhileMichael Jackson
  37. 37.Circus GirlMichael Jackson
  38. 38.Come TogetherMichael Jackson
  39. 39.CryMichael Jackson
  40. 40.D.SMichael Jackson
  41. 41.Dancing MachineMichael Jackson
  42. 42.DangerousMichael Jackson
  43. 43.Dapper Dan (Freestyle)Michael Jackson
  44. 44.Dear MichaelMichael Jackson
  45. 45.Dirty DianaMichael Jackson
  46. 46.Do You Know Where Your Children AreMichael Jackson
  47. 47.Doggin' AroundMichael Jackson
  48. 48.Don't Let it Get You DownMichael Jackson
  49. 49.Don't Say Goodbye AgainMichael Jackson
  50. 50.Don't Stop 'Til You Get EnoughMichael Jackson
  51. 51.Don't Walk AwayMichael Jackson
  52. 52.Earth SongMichael Jackson
  53. 53.Earth Song (Traduccion)Michael Jackson
  54. 54.Ease on Down the RoadMichael Jackson
  55. 55.Eaten AliveMichael Jackson
  56. 56.Elizabeth, I Love YouMichael Jackson
  57. 57.EscapeMichael Jackson
  58. 58.Escape (en Español)Michael Jackson
  59. 59.EuphoriaMichael Jackson
  60. 60.Everybody's Somebody's FoolMichael Jackson
  61. 61.Fall Again (Demo)Michael Jackson
  62. 62.Farewell my Summer LoveMichael Jackson
  63. 63.Fly AwayMichael Jackson
  64. 64.For all TimeMichael Jackson
  65. 65.Get on the FloorMichael Jackson
  66. 66.Get Out Of My MindMichael Jackson
  67. 67.GhostsMichael Jackson
  68. 68.Girl You're So TogetherMichael Jackson
  69. 69.Girl, Don't Take Your Love from MeMichael Jackson
  70. 70.GirlfriendMichael Jackson
  71. 71.Give in to meMichael Jackson
  72. 72.Give Thanks to AllahMichael Jackson
  73. 73.Goin' Back to AlabamaMichael Jackson
  74. 74.Gone Too SoonMichael Jackson
  75. 75.Got to be ThereMichael Jackson
  76. 76.Greatest Show on EarthMichael Jackson
  77. 77.HappyMichael Jackson
  78. 78.Happy Birthday LisaMichael Jackson
  79. 79.He's the WizardMichael Jackson
  80. 80.Heal the WorldMichael Jackson
  81. 81.Heartbreak Hotel (This Place Hotel)Michael Jackson
  82. 82.HeartbreakerMichael Jackson
  83. 83.Heaven Can WaitMichael Jackson
  84. 84.Here I am (Come and Take me)Michael Jackson
  85. 85.HistoryMichael Jackson
  86. 86.Hollywood TonightMichael Jackson
  87. 87.Hot StreetMichael Jackson
  88. 88.Human NatureMichael Jackson
  89. 89.I Can't Help itMichael Jackson
  90. 90.I Have This DreamMichael Jackson
  91. 91.I Hear a SymphonyMichael Jackson
  92. 92.I Just Can't Stop Loving youMichael Jackson
  93. 93.I Wanna Be Where You AreMichael Jackson
  94. 94.I'll Be ThereMichael Jackson
  95. 95.I'll Come Home to YouMichael Jackson
  96. 96.If You Don't Love MeMichael Jackson
  97. 97.If'n I Was GodMichael Jackson
  98. 98.In Our Small WayMichael Jackson
  99. 99.In the BackMichael Jackson
  100. 100.In the ClosetMichael Jackson
  101. 101.InvincibleMichael Jackson
  102. 102.Is it ScaryMichael Jackson
  103. 103.It's the Falling in LoveMichael Jackson
  104. 104.It's Too Late to Change the TimeMichael Jackson
  105. 105.JamMichael Jackson
  106. 106.Johnny RavenMichael Jackson
  107. 107.Just a Little Bit of YouMichael Jackson
  108. 108.Just Good FriendsMichael Jackson
  109. 109.Keep the FaithMichael Jackson
  110. 110.Keep Your Head UpMichael Jackson
  111. 111.Leave me AloneMichael Jackson
  112. 112.Let Me Let GoMichael Jackson
  113. 113.Liberian GirlMichael Jackson
  114. 114.Little Christmas TreeMichael Jackson
  115. 115.Little SusieMichael Jackson
  116. 116.Lonely TeardropsMichael Jackson
  117. 117.Love is Here and Now You're GoneMichael Jackson
  118. 118.Love's Gone Bad (1995 Anthology Version)Michael Jackson
  119. 119.Make Tonight All MineMichael Jackson
  120. 120.Man in the MirrorMichael Jackson
  121. 121.Maria (You Were the Only One)Michael Jackson
  122. 122.Maybe TomorrowMichael Jackson
  123. 123.MegamixMichael Jackson/William Graffe/Britney Spears/Madonna/ Live Concert Las Vegas
  124. 124.MegamixBritney Spears/William Graffe/Madonna/Michael Jackson/ Live Concert Las Vegas
  125. 125.MegamixWilliam Graffe/Madonna/Britney Spears/Michael Jackson/ Live Concert Las Vegas
  126. 126.Megamix Live Concert Las VegasMichael Jackson
  127. 127.MelodieMichael Jackson
  128. 128.Mind is the MagicMichael Jackson
  129. 129.MoneyMichael Jackson
  130. 130.Monkey BusinessMichael Jackson
  131. 131.Morning GlowMichael Jackson
  132. 132.MorphineMichael Jackson
  133. 133.Much Too SoonMichael Jackson
  134. 134.Music and meMichael Jackson
  135. 135.My GirlMichael Jackson
  136. 136.Never can say GoodbyeMichael Jackson
  137. 137.Nite LineMichael Jackson
  138. 138.Off The WallMichael Jackson
  139. 139.On the LineMichael Jackson
  140. 140.One Day in Your LifeMichael Jackson
  141. 141.One More ChanceMichael Jackson
  142. 142.P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)Michael Jackson
  143. 143.People Make the World Go RoundMichael Jackson
  144. 144.Planet EarthMichael Jackson
  145. 145.PrivacyMichael Jackson
  146. 146.Remember the TimeMichael Jackson
  147. 147.Rock With YouMichael Jackson
  148. 148.Rockin' RobinMichael Jackson
  149. 149.Save meMichael Jackson
  150. 150.Say Say SayMichael Jackson
  151. 151.Say, Say, sayMichael Jackson/Paul McCartney (Una Joya Musical)
  152. 152.Scared Of The MoonMichael Jackson
  153. 153.Serious EffectMichael Jackson
  154. 154.Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)Michael Jackson
  155. 155.She Drives Me WildMichael Jackson
  156. 156.She's Out of my LifeMichael Jackson
  157. 157.Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-DayMichael Jackson
  158. 158.ShoutMichael Jackson
  159. 159.Slave To The RhythmMichael Jackson
  160. 160.SmileMichael Jackson
  161. 161.Smooth CriminalMichael Jackson
  162. 162.Somebody's Watching meMichael Jackson
  163. 163.Someone in the DarkMichael Jackson
  164. 164.Someone Put Your Hand OutMichael Jackson
  165. 165.Soon as I get HomeMichael Jackson
  166. 166.SpeechlessMichael Jackson
  167. 167.Speed DemonMichael Jackson
  168. 168.State of ShockMichael Jackson
  169. 169.StayMichael Jackson
  170. 170.Stranger in MoscowMichael Jackson
  171. 171.StreetwalkerMichael Jackson
  172. 172.Superfly SisterMichael Jackson
  173. 173.Tabloid JunkieMichael Jackson
  174. 174.Take me BackMichael Jackson
  175. 175.Tell me I'm Not Dreamin'Michael Jackson
  176. 176.That's What Love is Made ofMichael Jackson
  177. 177.The Filling That we HaveMichael Jackson
  178. 178.The Girl is MineMichael Jackson
  179. 179.The Lady in my LifeMichael Jackson
  180. 180.The Lost ChildrenMichael Jackson
  181. 181.The manMichael Jackson
  182. 182.The Way You Make me FeelMichael Jackson
  183. 183.They Don't Care About UsMichael Jackson
  184. 184.This Is ItMichael Jackson
  185. 185.This Time AroundMichael Jackson
  186. 186.ThreatenedMichael Jackson
  187. 187.ThrillerMichael Jackson
  188. 188.Thriller (Video Version)Michael Jackson
  189. 189.To Make My Father Proud (1995 Anthology Version)Michael Jackson
  190. 190.Todo Mi Amor Eres TúMichael Jackson
  191. 191.Todo mi Amor Eres tu (I Just Can't Stop Loving You)Michael Jackson
  192. 192.Too YoungMichael Jackson
  193. 193.Touch the one you LoveMichael Jackson
  194. 194.TroubleMichael Jackson
  195. 195.UnbreakableMichael Jackson
  196. 196.Up AgainMichael Jackson
  197. 197.Wanna Be Startin'Michael Jackson
  198. 198.Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'Michael Jackson
  199. 199.We Are Here to Change the WorldMichael Jackson
  200. 200.We Are the WorldMichael Jackson
  201. 201.We Are the World (Traducida a Español)Michael Jackson
  202. 202.We're Almost ThereMichael Jackson
  203. 203.We've Got a Good Thing GoingMichael Jackson
  204. 204.We've Got ForeverMichael Jackson
  205. 205.We've Had EnoughMichael Jackson
  206. 206.What Goes Around Comes AroundMichael Jackson
  207. 207.What More Can I GiveMichael Jackson
  208. 208.Whatever HappensMichael Jackson
  209. 209.When I Come of ageMichael Jackson
  210. 210.Who Is ItMichael Jackson
  211. 211.Who is it (in Spanish)Michael Jackson
  212. 212.Who's Lookin' for a LoverMichael Jackson
  213. 213.Why You Wanna Trip on meMichael Jackson
  214. 214.Will You Be ThereMichael Jackson
  215. 215.Wings of my LoveMichael Jackson
  216. 216.With a Child's HeartMichael Jackson
  217. 217.Working Day and NightMichael Jackson
  218. 218.Worlds TogetherMichael Jackson
  219. 219.XscapeMichael Jackson
  220. 220.You Are my LifeMichael Jackson
  221. 221.You Are Not AloneMichael Jackson
  222. 222.You are ThereMichael Jackson
  223. 223.You Can Cry on my ShoulderMichael Jackson
  224. 224.You Can't WinMichael Jackson
  225. 225.You Really Got A Hold On MeMichael Jackson
  226. 226.You Rock My WorldMichael Jackson
  227. 227.You Rock my World (Remix)Michael Jackson
  228. 228.You Were ThereMichael Jackson
  229. 229.You're the Best my Friend, my LoveMichael Jackson
  230. 230.You've Got a FriendMichael Jackson

21 song lyrics with Michael Jackson, and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 231.(I Can't Make it) Another DayMichael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz
  2. 232.Butterflies (Remix)Michael Jackson, Eve
  3. 233.Dirty Diana (Dutty Angela Remix)Vybz Kartel, Michael Jackson
  4. 234.Get itMichael Jackson, Stevie Wonder
  5. 235.Hold my HandAkon, Michael Jackson
  6. 236.Hold My HandMichael Jackson, duet with Akon
  7. 237.I Need You3 T, Michael Jackson
  8. 238.I'm in Love AgainMichael Jackson, Minnie Riperton
  9. 239.Just FriendsMichael Jackson, Carole Bayer Sager
  10. 240.Megamix Live Concert Las VegasBritney Spears, Madonna, Michael Jackson, William Graffe
  11. 241.MonsterMichael Jackson, 50 Cent
  12. 242.Neverlandia2Contra1, Michael Jackson
  13. 243.Right HereMichael Jackson, Swv
  14. 244.ScreamMichael Jackson, Janet Jackson
  15. 245.There Must Be More To Life Than ThisMichael Jackson, Freddie Mercury
  16. 246.Todo Para TiMichael Jackson, various artists
  17. 247.What Have We Done?Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Michael Jackson
  18. 248.What More Can I Give (+15 more Artists)Michael Jackson, various artists
  19. 249.WhatzupwituMichael Jackson, Eddie Murphy
  20. 250.WhyMichael Jackson, 3T
  21. 251.You're the OneMichael Jackson, Jennifer Holliday