I Have This Dream Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song I Have This Dream as performed by Michael Jackson

Lyrics to song I Have This Dream by Michael Jackson

Verse 1
Some people say
I live in a fantasy
Because I see the world
visions come to me
In my sleep
I closed my eyes
To see what God is showing me

Close your eyes
And imagine with me
see the wonder
In every living thing
If we can live life
The way it is in my dreams
Love will take us to a place
where God can be seen

This is my dream

I have this dream
this I believe
the world's a place
for all humanity

If we could take love
to it's highest level
more than the world has ever seen
I have this dream

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Let's put God's love on display
angel of love come my way
Its really up to you and me
One world together in harmony

In my dreams, I see heaven
and the face of the
one perfect being
I see people, turning into angles
and God giving them their wings

Repeat Chorus

I Have this Dream
this I Believe
the World's A place
for ALL humanity,
if we could take Love
to it's highest
Level More than The
world Has ever Seen
I Have this Dream

I have this dream

copyright c 2002 Eugene Kitt
and Michael Jackson