Before Human Race Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Before Human Race as performed by Mindsnare

Lyrics to song Before Human Race by Mindsnare

In the age of time there was only sky and earth
In the dawn of time it was the kaos
Then from Uranus and Gea demonic creatures born

Crono was the dominating king of time
Rules the world devouring his creatures
Betrayed by Rea queen of irriverence and lies
She saved the choosen one, Zeus, god of all gods

Envious of Crono's greatness with
deception throw him in the reign
of darkness
Zeus evilness started the decay of
the world hate was born
Among the men, war and pestilence from gold
to silver from bronze to iron
The end of civilization but revenge
still burning in Crono's heart

Before human race
From gold to silver
Before human race
From bronze to iron

Raising from the buried depths of hate
Immense creatures of hell abomination
Move the war against the hatred gods
Destroy the throne of Olympus

Make them pay, make them bleed
Make them cry, make them die

Make them pay, make them bleed
Make them cry, make them die


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