Click Clack Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Click Clack as performed by Missy Elliott

Lyrics to song Click Clack by Missy Elliott



When I walk up in
the club, they be
Misdemeanor got that
ice that keep'em
Crop top, drop tops on
my Phantom, mang.
They be trippin' and
them haters just

Feelin' on me,
feelin' on me like a
I drive a fast car,
still shave my
Get the cash, get
the cheddar, get the
beans mean,
Ching-a-ling, bling
bling, my money real

Who dat?
Who dat?
Player better fall back,
st-step back, player
better fall back.
Click-Clack, cock back
Semi-automatic track
Drink a lot of Similac,
Shorty better fall back.

I fall down, get up
then I gotta dust it off
(Say you got to dust it off?)
Yeah, I quickly dust it off.
I'm off the wall,
I do brawl, don't stall
Yes it's on,
Said it's on, I can't be cloned
You can call me Mike Jones.

305-212-804, My cell
Y'all must be dumb as hell
If y'all think that is my cell.

Hotel, motel, Holiday-
Don't play-
round the way, OJ
Yeah, I'm so icey.

What them haters say?
Misdemeanor OK.
Call me foreplay,
Position more than 40 ways.
Like a chocolate glaze,
I'm hotter than a summer day.
Stingray, Sugar Ray,
Knuckles all up in your face.


I block-a block-a,
Straight jocker,
Matter fact, a face snapper.
Money stacker, no slacker,
Hit rapper, gun strapper.
I click, click
hear my--

2 snaps, you hit, then I--
I make cash, pay them bills,
I pay them bills that
buy new wheels.
I wear high heels,
I touch and feel,
catch me in your man grill.

My record deal, my movie deal
Is super sick-sick.
I click-click, and
if you doubt me
then I--
Click - click.

Smack them boys,
I will destroy-
Hit, hit, straight down and
split-split ya boy.

I kick-kick like
Karate flick-flicks
You get your ass bit,
Don't make me have to-