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Lyrics in Album Head Up High (2013)

There is a total of 12 lyrics in Album Head Up High (2013). Pick your favourite song and start singing.

Song titleArtist names
  1. 1Gimme Your LoveMorcheeba
  2. 2Face Of DangerMorcheeba
  3. 3Call It LoveMorcheeba
  4. 4Under The IceMorcheeba
  5. 5I'll Fall ApartMorcheeba ft. James Petralli
  6. 6Make BelieverMorcheeba
  7. 7Release Me NowMorcheeba
  8. 8To BeMorcheeba
  9. 9HypnotizedMorcheeba
  10. 10To The GraveMorcheeba
  11. 11Do You GoodMorcheeba
  12. 12Finally Found YouMorcheeba


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