Falling Skies Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Falling Skies as performed by Morcheeba

Lyrics to song Falling Skies by Morcheeba

In and out of stories
All the hope and glory fly by
Fortune favoured bravery
Courage for the journey drive life

Possibility lies
In the morning light all say why
Oh the Liberty cries
As emotions fly hold the line

Can we play it softly
When we say we're sorry try try
Blessed standing humbly
Not for king nor country pride fight

Possibility lies in the morning light
All say why
Oh the Liberty cries as emotions fly
Hold the line

Shadows grow small filling out time
Can we all redefine?
Shadows grow tall holding up signs
Can it all just realign?

Caught it in your eyes
When the falling skies coincide
Calling all to rise
As the warning ties scolded lives


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