Black Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Black as performed by Motionless in White

Lyrics to song Black by Motionless in White

As the police entered the room the smell of jack infected the air.
And than she might give you such a simple task with grace
and as easiness involving a plane crash.
There on the floor highlighted in red lied a girl.
Her possession of immortal beauty brought the sincerest form
of irony to this seemingly tragic display of lust verses love.
A harmless shade of black around her.
Smile and close the shades and the lights and lets fire a candle.
It's black on black on black and it's such a shame that she could not
keeping the only hint of red strictly to her fingernails.
So I thought to myself, Jump, it isn't worth it to your sake.


So fucking go off with your four some fucking friends,
and when you see me looking like a fucking homicide.
Just fucking cry and let me play this song, yes this means, no one can
know about us.

Just let me kill you why'd we ever get the fucking shit.
And when your girl comes running to you with my fucking head.
So much in us that you dream he'd fucking fall asleep,
but your dreams about my love is never ending.


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