Synthetic Love Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Synthetic Love as performed by Motionless in White

Lyrics to song Synthetic Love by Motionless in White

I want to hurt you, I don't deserve you
Unlace your body, I want total control
Like maggots from the host, You drain, I decompose
Swallow your faith, submit and fuck until we overdose
We said this was "the last time", over and over again
(Blind eyes) The closer I get is the further I feel
(Hands tied) And I'm losing my grip on remembering what's real
Cause our synthetic love is all that we know
My head is a mess, And it's going to explode
I want to watch you, expose and drill through
Inject the poison, I have lost all control
Crawling inside you, Fruit of the flesh is bruised
Swallow the pain, relive and fuck until we feel like new
We lost our heads and minds explode
I don't want trust in losing control
I'm just a slave to how this feels
But baby, please don't believe this is "real"
I wrap my hands around you throat
Bury your face and remove all your clothes
We're both just slaves that can't refuse
And everything that we have loved in the end we will lose


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