Lights, Camera, Action (Remix) Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Lights, Camera, Action (Remix) as performed together by Mr. Cheeks&Missy Elliot&P.

Lyrics to song Lights, Camera, Action (Remix) by Mr. Cheeks feat. Missy Elliot&P.

Diddy, Petey Pablo)

Missy Elliot (P. Diddy)
Watch out
Big dogg (this is the remix)
Big dogg (This is the remix)

Missy Elliot
Remix (ohhhhhhhhhhh!)
When I come through the door
I'm on the floor
You wanna see my ass shake yeah
Remix (ohhhhhhhhhhh!)
And when I move it around
You in the corner like DANG
how she do that there?
Remix (ohhhhhhhhhhh!)
It's the beat in the mean time
See I'm a crime, I keep
the crowd jumpin'
Remix (ohhhhhhhhhhh!)
It's the haters that hate the
game, and talkin loud
You aint sayin nothin!
Remix (Uh!)
Mr. Cheeks big dogg
My boys, they put it
heavy on the trissat
Remix (ohhhhhhhhhhh!)
High hats, baseline (bom,
bom, bom, bom blat, blat
get at!)
Remix (ohhhhhhhhhhh!)
It's the remix (goddamn)
It don't get no better
Remix (Uh!)
Y'all suckers and busters bein fly too
Q you better get up!

Mr. Cheeks
Turn it around, let me see somethin
Come with me, and there
really gonna be somethin
I'm talkin lights, camera, action
Have me sayin' "I'm sorry Ms. Jackson"
Turn it around, let me see somethin
Come with me, and there
really gonna be somethin
I'm talkin lights, camera, action
Have me saying "I'm sorry Ms. Jackson"

P. Diddy
It's time for some action
Camera's flashin
Everywhere, main attraction
They react like I'm one of the Jacksons
I guess it's just my name
that attracts them
World famous PD
I moved in, I live on TV (Remix)
And I stay on your radio stations
Cuz I'm placed in heavy rotation
Now let's shake to this
How much more can you make to this
(Wooo hoooo!)
I like the sound of that
Tell the bartender to send
another round to that
I don't know where they found you at
Just keep movin round like that
Take it to the ground and back
Oh! She's serious
Now turn around one time
I'm curious
Yeah, this:is:the:remix


Mr. Cheeks
Remix (Yo!)
I'm that nigga that come
through with the crew hit
the bar start to roll shit
Remix (Yo!)
I bet when the world get a
load of this here they be
like "oh shit!"
Remix (Yeah)
The type of joint that
make a nigga take a chick
back to the tele-kere
Remix (Oh!)
Big things
Mr. Cheeks, P. Diddy, and Missy Elliot
Remix (Yo!)
I got my bottle of Mo
My double shot of Jack and I
play the background
Remix (Yo!)
Until I see something
Now I'm really wantin
And I go and lay my mack down
Remix (Oh!)
The dance floor's packed
We on the tables, and we
bounce on the seats too
Now you understand work,
big niggas, and hot ass
lyrics and beats too
Thane on the track with Mr. Cheeks
And the m-to the s-I-e-
Spittin shit in cambridge
Around 60 degrees, in Carolina
Mr. Petey, Petey, take your shirt off
Spin it one time for me
Get your freak on
In the remix
In the V, Philly or The City
Love those who got love for me
Hold those who be holdin me
Ddddddown all the way down to
the ggggground with me
Hit the bar, next round on me
Get drunk, get y'all loose
Anybody see gon be P
Petey Pab on the star
in the Ms. Jackson beat
Got the whole club with me (DAMN!)
Shorty with you I'd miss jack the freak
Stick your tongue out (EWWWWWW!)
In here


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