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This lyrics archive contain a total of 369 song lyrics by NaS. 169 of these are songs where NaS perform alone, and 200 are songs where NaS perform together with other artists. See other artists related to NaS at the end of this lyrics archive.

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169 song lyrics with NaS alone

Song TitleArtist Name
  1. 1.1994 Freestyle Hip Hop God / GeniusNas
  2. 2.2nd ChildhoodNaS
  3. 3.A Message to the Feds, Sincerely, we the PeopleNaS
  4. 4.A Queens StoryNas
  5. 5.Affirmative Action (International Remix)NaS
  6. 6.Affirmative Action (Remix)NaS
  7. 7.Album IntroNaS
  8. 8.Album Intro (I am)NaS
  9. 9.AmericaNaS
  10. 10.Amongst KingsNas
  11. 11.Back WhenNas
  12. 12.Be a Nigger TooNas
  13. 13.Big GirlNaS
  14. 14.Big ThingsNaS
  15. 15.Black PresidentNaS
  16. 16.Black ZombieNaS
  17. 17.Blaze a 50NaS
  18. 18.Blood DiamondsNas
  19. 19.Blunt AshesNaS
  20. 20.Book of RhymesNaS
  21. 21.BreatheNaS
  22. 22.Bridging the GapNaS
  23. 23.Bye BabyNas
  24. 24.Can't Forget About YouNaS
  25. 25.Carry on TraditionNaS
  26. 26.Come Get MeNaS
  27. 27.Come Take a Ride (Two Seater)Nas
  28. 28.DanceNaS
  29. 29.DaughtersNas
  30. 30.Day Dreamin (Stay Scheamin)NaS
  31. 31.Death AnniversaryNas
  32. 32.Destroy & RebuildNaS
  33. 33.Did You Ever Think?NaS
  34. 34.DiscipleNaS
  35. 35.Don't Body ya SelfNaS
  36. 36.Doo RagsNaS
  37. 37.Dr. KnockbootNaS
  38. 38.Drunk by MyselfNaS
  39. 39.Escobar '97NaS
  40. 40.EtherNaS
  41. 41.Everybody's CrazyNaS
  42. 42.Eye 4 an Eye FreestyleNas
  43. 43.Fear of the Black ManNas
  44. 44.FetusNaS
  45. 45.Find Ya WealthNaS
  46. 46.Gangsta TearsNaS
  47. 47.Get DownNaS
  48. 48.Getting MarriedNaS
  49. 49.Ghetto PrisonersNaS
  50. 50.God Love UsNaS
  51. 51.Got Yourself a GunNaS
  52. 52.Grand FinaleNaS
  53. 53.H to the O-M-O FreestyleNaS
  54. 54.HalftimeNaS
  55. 55.Hardest Thing is to Stay AliveNaS
  56. 56.HighNas
  57. 57.Hip Hop is DeadNaS
  58. 58.I Already KnowNas
  59. 59.I CanNaS
  60. 60.I Gave You PowerNaS
  61. 61.I Want to Talk to YouNaS
  62. 62.In Too DeepNaS
  63. 63.IntroNaS
  64. 64.It Ain't Hard to TellNaS
  65. 65.K.I.S.S.I.N.G.NaS
  66. 66.Last Real Nigga AliveNaS
  67. 67.Life We ChoseNaS
  68. 68.Like MeNaS
  69. 69.Live NowNaS
  70. 70.Made You LookNaS
  71. 71.Make the World Go RoundNaS
  72. 72.MastermindNaS
  73. 73.Me & You (Dedicated to Destiny)NaS
  74. 74.Memory Lane (Sittin' in da Park)NaS
  75. 75.Money is my BitchNaS
  76. 76.Money over BullshitNaS
  77. 77.My WayNaS
  78. 78.My Will (Honeymoon is Over)Nas
  79. 79.N.I.G.G.E.R. (the Slave and the Master)NaS
  80. 80.N.Y. State of MindNaS
  81. 81.N.Y. State of Mind Pt. IINaS
  82. 82.Nas FreestyleNas
  83. 83.Nas is LikeNaS
  84. 84.Nas' Angels...The FlyestNaS
  85. 85.NastradamusNaS
  86. 86.NastyNas
  87. 87.NastyNas
  88. 88.Nasty Nas Freestyle, Part 1Nas
  89. 89.Nasty Nas Freestyle, Part 2Nas
  90. 90.Nazareth SavageNaS
  91. 91.New WorldNaS
  92. 92.No Idea's OriginalNaS
  93. 93.No IntroductionNas
  94. 94.Nothing Lasts ForeverNaS
  95. 95.On the RealNaS
  96. 96.One LoveNaS
  97. 97.One MicNaS
  98. 98.One on OneNaS
  99. 99.Oochie WallyNaS
  100. 100.Play meNaS
  101. 101.Poppa Was a PlayaNaS
  102. 102.Power, Paper & PussyNas
  103. 103.ProclamationNaS
  104. 104.PurpleNaS
  105. 105.Pussy KillzNaS
  106. 106.Queens Get the MoneyNaS
  107. 107.Quick to Back DownNaS
  108. 108.ReasonNaS
  109. 109.Remember the TimesNaS
  110. 110.RepresentNaS
  111. 111.RewindNaS
  112. 112.RuleNaS
  113. 113.Secret Agent ManNas
  114. 114.Sekou StoryNaS
  115. 115.Shoot 'Em UpNaS
  116. 116.ShootoutsNaS
  117. 117.Silent MurderNaS
  118. 118.Sinful LivingNas
  119. 119.Sly FoxNaS
  120. 120.Small WorldNaS
  121. 121.Smokin'NaS
  122. 122.Snitch AlibiNas
  123. 123.Some of Us Have AngelsNaS
  124. 124.Sometimes I WonderNaS
  125. 125.Star WarsNaS
  126. 126.StayNas
  127. 127.Stillmatic (The Intro)NaS
  128. 128.Street DreamsNaS
  129. 129.Street Dreams (Bonus Verse)Nas
  130. 130.Street Dreams (Remix)NaS
  131. 131.Surviving the TimesNas
  132. 132.SuspectNaS
  133. 133.Take it in BloodNaS
  134. 134.Tales From the HoodNas
  135. 135.TestifyNaS
  136. 136.The Black BondNas
  137. 137.The CrossNaS
  138. 138.The DonNas
  139. 139.The FoulnessNas
  140. 140.The G.O.D.NaS
  141. 141.The Makings of a Perfect BitchNaS
  142. 142.The MessageNaS
  143. 143.The ProfecyNaS
  144. 144.The Second ComingNas
  145. 145.These Are Our HeroesNaS
  146. 146.Thief's ThemeNaS
  147. 147.Thugz MansionNaS
  148. 148.Thugz Mirror (Freestyle)NaS
  149. 149.True DialecNas
  150. 150.TrustNas
  151. 151.U Gotta Love ItNaS
  152. 152.U.B.R. (Unauthorized Biography of Rakim)NaS
  153. 153.Undying LoveNaS
  154. 154.UntitledNaS
  155. 155.Verbal IntercourseNaS
  156. 156.Wanna Play RoughNaS
  157. 157.WarNaS
  158. 158.War is NecessaryNas
  159. 159.We March as MillionsNas
  160. 160.We Will SurviveNaS
  161. 161.Westwood Classic FreestyleNas
  162. 162.What Goes AroundNaS
  163. 163.Where Are They NowNaS
  164. 164.Where Y'all At?NaS
  165. 165.Who Killed it?NaS
  166. 166.Y'all My NiggasNaS
  167. 167.You Can't Kill meNaS
  168. 168.You Know My StyleNaS
  169. 169.You're the manNaS

200 song lyrics with NaS, and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 170.Accident MurderersNas, Rick Ross
  2. 171.AcknowledgeMasta Ace, NaS
  3. 172.Affirmative ActionNaS, AZ, Foxy Brown, and Cormega The Firm
  4. 173.Africa Must Wake UpNas, K'naan with Damian Marley
  5. 174.American WayNaS, Kelis
  6. 175.Analyze ThisJay-Z, NaS, Lord Tariq
  7. 176.Ancient PeopleNas, Damian Marley Junior Reid
  8. 177.As we AreNaS, Damian Marley
  9. 178.As we EnterNas, Damian Marley
  10. 179.Back In BlackSantana, NaS, Robyn Troup
  11. 180.Black Girl LostNaS, JoJo Hailey
  12. 181.Black RepublicanNaS, Jay-Z
  13. 182.Braveheart PartyNaS, Mary J. Blige, Jungle & Wiz
  14. 183.BraveheartedBravehearts, Nas
  15. 184.Brother's KeeperRaekwon, Nas
  16. 185.Can't Fade MeCassidy, Nas, Quan
  17. 186.ChampionNicki Minaj, Drake, NaS, Young Jeezy
  18. 187.Cherry WineNas, Amy Winehouse
  19. 188.Count Your BlessingsNas, Damian Marley
  20. 189.Dead Presidents (Part 1)Jay-Z, Nas
  21. 190.Did You Ever Think (Remix)R Kelly, Nas
  22. 191.DispearNas, Damian Marley
  23. 192.Don't Get Carried AwayBusta Rhymes, Nas
  24. 193.Every GhettoNaS, Blitz
  25. 194.Everything I LoveDiddy, NaS, Cee-Lo
  26. 195.Everything I LoveP. Diddy (Puff Daddy), NaS, Cee-Lo
  27. 196.Eye For An Eye (Your Beef Is Mines)Mobb Deep, Nas, Raekwon
  28. 197.Fall In LoveEstelle, NaS
  29. 198.FamilyNaS, Mobb Deep
  30. 199.Favor for a FavorNaS, Scarface
  31. 200.Finer ThingsJon B, NAS
  32. 201.First ChainBig Sean, Nas, Kid Cudi
  33. 202.Fried ChickenNaS, Busta Rhymes
  34. 203.FriendsNas, Damian Marley
  35. 204.Get To Know MeJoe, Nas
  36. 205.Ghetto DreamsCommon, NaS
  37. 206.Give it Up FastMobb Deep, Nas, Big Noyd
  38. 207.Good LifeNate Dogg, Nas, JS
  39. 208.Good MorningNas, Ron Isley
  40. 209.Grand FinaleJa Rule, Dmx, Method Man, Nas
  41. 210.Grand FinaleLil' Jon & the East Side Boyz, Nas, T.I., Bun B, Ice Cube
  42. 211.Hate Me NowNaS, Puff Daddy
  43. 212.HeavenNaS, Jully Black
  44. 213.HeroNaS, Keri Hilson
  45. 214.Hey NasNaS, Kelis, Claudette Ortiz City High
  46. 215.Hip HopDJ Khaled, Scarface, Nas, DJ Premier
  47. 216.Hold Down the BlockNaS, Mark B. Mayfield
  48. 217.HopeNaS, Chrisette Michele
  49. 218.Hot Boyz (Remix)Missy Elliot, Eve, Lil' Mo, Nas, Q-Tip
  50. 219.Hot Boyz (Remix)Missy Elliott, Eve, Lil' Mo, Nas, Q-Tip
  51. 220.Hot Boyz (Remix)Missy 'misdemeanor' Elliott, Eve, Lil' Mo, Nas, Q-Tip
  52. 221.HustlersNaS, The Game
  53. 222.I do it for Hip HopLudacris, Jay-Z, NaS
  54. 223.I Got it (Remix)Jagged Edge, Nas
  55. 224.I Just Wanna RhymePumpkinhead, Common, Krs-One, NaS
  56. 225.I Really Want to Show YouNotorious B.I.G., K-Ci & JoJo, Nas
  57. 226.I'm Gonna Be Alright (Nas Remix)Jennifer Lopez, Nas
  58. 227.I'm onDJ Khaled, Cool, Nas
  59. 228.I've got to Have itJermaine Dupri, Monica, Nas
  60. 229.I've got to Have itJermaine Dupri (Jd), Monica, Nas
  61. 230.If I Ruled The WorldNaS, Lauryn Hill
  62. 231.In His Own WordsNas, Damian Marley
  63. 232.In PublicKelis, Nas
  64. 233.It Wasn't YouNas, Lauryn Hill
  65. 234.It's MineMobb Deep, Nas
  66. 235.Journey Through the LifePuff Daddy, Beanie Siegal, Lil' Kim, Nas, Joe Hooker
  67. 236.Jungle JayNaS, Olu Dara
  68. 237.Just a MomentNaS, Quan
  69. 238.Just in Case 12Jaheim, Nas
  70. 239.Keep Goin'DJ Whoo Kid, Daz Dillinger, NaS
  71. 240.Kids in da Pj'sNas, Bravehearts, Millenium Thug
  72. 241.King & QueensTyga, NaS, WALE
  73. 242.Land of PromiseNas, Dennis Brown with Damian Marley
  74. 243.Last WordsNaS, Nashawn, Millennium Thug
  75. 244.LeadersNas, Stephen Marley with Damian Marley
  76. 245.Less Than an HourNaS, Cee-Lo
  77. 246.Let There Be LightNaS, Tre Williams
  78. 247.Letter to the KingThe Game, Nas
  79. 248.Life is What You Make itNaS, DMX
  80. 249.Life is What You Make itDmx, NaS
  81. 250.Life we Chose (Part 2)NaS, Cyclinder
  82. 251.Life's a BitchNaS, AZ the Visualiza
  83. 252.Like SmokeAmy Winehouse, NaS
  84. 253.Live Nigga RapNaS, Mobb Deep
  85. 254.Livin to Die (50 Cent Diss)Styles P, The Game, Nas
  86. 255.Living in PainNotorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Mary J. Blige, Nas
  87. 256.Loco-MotiveNas, Large Professor
  88. 257.Love Is All We NeedMary J. Blige, Nas
  89. 258.M.O.B. FreestyleThe Game, M.O.B., Nas
  90. 259.Made You Look (Remix)NaS, Jadakiss, Ludacris
  91. 260.Maybach CurtainsMeek Mill, Nas, Rick Ross And John Legend
  92. 261.Me And Nas Bring It To Your HardestSlick Rick, Nas
  93. 262.MirageChris Brown, NaS
  94. 263.Money Makes the World Go RoundR Kelly, Nas
  95. 264.My CountryNaS, Millenium Thug
  96. 265.My GenerationNas, Damian Marley Joss Stone, Lil Wayne
  97. 266.My PresidentYoung Jeezy, Nas
  98. 267.N.Y.C.Kevin Rudolf, Nas
  99. 268.Nah MeanNas, Damian Marley
  100. 269.Nas is ComingNaS, Dr. Dre
  101. 270.Nature ShinesNaS, Nature
  102. 271.Never Gonna Give it upNaS, Boyz II Men
  103. 272.New School LeadersShad, A Tribe Called Quest, Gangstarr, Krs-One, NaS
  104. 273.No More (Baby I'ma do Right) Remix3LW, Nas
  105. 274.No One Else in the RoomNaS, Maxwell
  106. 275.Not Going BackNaS, Kelis
  107. 276.Oh-Oh, Yeah-YeaKeyshia Cole, Nas
  108. 277.One Blood (Remix)The Game, Jim Jones, Snoop Dogg, Nas, T.I. & many others
  109. 278.One Mic (Remix)NaS, Brainpower
  110. 279.One Never KnowsNas, Lake
  111. 280.One Time 4 Your MindNaS, Large Professor
  112. 281.Outro (Tha Carter IV)Lil' Wayne, Bun-B, Busta Rhymes, NaS, Shyne
  113. 282.PatienceNaS, Damian Marley
  114. 283.Play meKorn, Jermaine Dupri, NaS
  115. 284.Play on PlayaNaS, Snoop Dogg
  116. 285.Popular ThugThe Neptunes, Kelis, NaS
  117. 286.PrayNas, The Bravehearts
  118. 287.Project RoachNaS, Eban Thomas The Last Poets
  119. 288.Project WindowsNaS, Ron Isley
  120. 289.Queens dayRun Dmc, Nas & Prodigy of Mobb Deep
  121. 290.Quick to Back DownBravehearts, Nas, Lil Jon
  122. 291.Quiet NiggasNaS, Bravehearts
  123. 292.Rap PoetsEminem, Jay-Z, NaS
  124. 293.Reach OutNas, Mary J. Blige
  125. 294.Real NiggasNas, Ruc
  126. 295.RegenerationDJ Premier, NaS
  127. 296.Rest of my LifeNaS, Amerie
  128. 297.Revolutionary WarfareNaS, Lake
  129. 298.Rich & BlackRaekwon, Nas
  130. 299.Road To ZionDamian Marley, Nas
  131. 300.RosesNas, Nikki Flores
  132. 301.Self ConscienceNas, Prodigy
  133. 302.Show DisciplineJadakiss, Nas
  134. 303.SincerityNas, DMX, Mary J. Blige
  135. 304.SituationsBravehearts, Jully Black, Nas
  136. 305.Some Of 'EmDevin The Dude, NaS, Xzibit
  137. 306.Still DreamingNaS, Kanye West
  138. 307.Street GloryNas, Pop
  139. 308.Streets of New York (City Life)Alicia Keys, Nas, Rakim
  140. 309.Strong Will ContinueNaS, Damian Marley
  141. 310.SuccessJay-Z, Nas
  142. 311.Suicide BounceNaS, Busta Rhymes
  143. 312.Summer On SmashNas, Miguel, Swizz Beatz
  144. 313.Teenage ThugNas, Millenium Thug
  145. 314.Thank God I Found You (Remix)Mariah Carey, Nas, Joe
  146. 315.The FlyestNaS, AZV
  147. 316.The General (Remix)Swizz Beatz, Cassidy, Fat Joe, NaS
  148. 317.The General (Salute Me)NaS, Swizz Beatz
  149. 318.The GenesisNaS, AZ, The Firm
  150. 319.The OutcomeNaS, Jessica Care Moore
  151. 320.The Pledge (Remix)Ja Rule, 2Pac, Ashanti, Nas
  152. 321.The PredictionNaS, Jessica Care Moore, Rich Nice
  153. 322.The Rise and FallNas, AZ
  154. 323.The Set UpNaS, The Havoc
  155. 324.The Wait is OverDoap Nixon, Jadakiss, NaS, Reef The Lost Cauze, Vinnie Paz
  156. 325.The World is YoursNaS, Pete Rock
  157. 326.This Thing Of OursMaybach Music Group, NaS, Omarion, Rick Ross, WALE
  158. 327.Thugz Mansion (Nas Acoustic)NaS, 2Pac, J. Phoenix
  159. 328.Thugz Mansion (Nas Acoustic)2pac (Tupac Shakur), J. Phoenix, Nas
  160. 329.To myTimbaland & Magoo, Mad Skillz, Nas
  161. 330.To MyTimbaland, Mad Skillz, Nas
  162. 331.Too Hot50 Cent, Nas, Nature
  163. 332.Too Many RappersBeastie Boys, Nas
  164. 333.ToplessDr Dre, Eminem, Nas
  165. 334.Tribes at WarNas, Damian Marley K'naan
  166. 335.Triple Beam DreamsRick Ross, Nas
  167. 336.Turn it out (Intro)Jermaine Dupri, Nas
  168. 337.Turn it out (Intro)Jermaine Dupri (Jd), Nas
  169. 338.TwilightBravehearts, Nas
  170. 339.U Wanna Be meNaS, Macy Gray
  171. 340.Usual SuspectsRick Ross, NaS, Kevin Cossom
  172. 341.Verbal IntercourseRaekwon, Nas, Ghostface Killer
  173. 342.VictoryDj Khaled, Nas & John Legend
  174. 343.VirgoNaS, Ludacris
  175. 344.VirgoLudacris, Doug E. Fresh, Nas
  176. 345.War RemixSaigon, Nas
  177. 346.Warrior SongNaS, Alicia Keys
  178. 347.Watch Dem NiggasNaS, Foxy Brown
  179. 348.We MajorKanye West, Nas, Really Doe
  180. 349.We're Not AloneNaS, Mykel
  181. 350.What ifJadakiss, Nas
  182. 351.What You Gonna DoNas, The Bravehearts
  183. 352.Where Are They Now (80's Remix)NaS, Kool Moe Dee, Mc Shan, Doctor Ice, Kangol, Raheem, Sha Rock
  184. 353.Where Are They Now (90's Remix)NaS, Est, Father MC, Mike D, Monie Love, Positive K, Redhead Kingpin, Rob Base, The Original Spinderella
  185. 354.Where do we go from HereMaster P, Mac, Nas, Sons of Funk
  186. 355.Where's The LoveNas, Cocaine 80s
  187. 356.Who U Rep With50 Cent, Bravehearts, Nas
  188. 357.Why (Remix)Jadakiss, Common, Nas, Styles p, Anthony Hamilton
  189. 358.Why You Hate the GameThe Game, Nas
  190. 359.Win or Lose (Remix)Mobb Deep, Jadakiss, Jay-Z, NaS
  191. 360.With MeCapone-N-Noreaga, Nas
  192. 361.World's An AddictionNas, Anthony Hamilton
  193. 362.You (Remix)Lloyd, Andre 3000, Nas
  194. 363.You Can't Stop Us NowNaS, Eban Thomas of The Stylistics & The Last Poets
  195. 364.You Made MeHarlem World, Carl Thomas, NaS
  196. 365.You Owe MeNaS, Ginuwine
  197. 366.You Wanna Be meEminem, NaS
  198. 367.You Won't See me TonightNaS, Aaliyah, Timbaland
  199. 368.You Wouldn't UnderstandNas, Miguel, Victoria Monet
  200. 369.Zone OutNaS, Bravehearts