Play on Playa Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Play on Playa as performed together by NaS&Snoop Dogg

Lyrics to song Play on Playa by NaS feat. Snoop Dogg

Nas - Verse 1
Uh, light somethin',
stop frontin'
how much money's enough,
think maybe like a trillion'
pray my daughter don't wild
like them Hilton sisters,
that'd kill me yo, filthy
rich, my daughter pass it
onto the next generation,
throwin' carnations
at my tombstone,
in my new home,
meet mom's in my east st. laurent suit on,
then we do a dance like my man
luther dan,
but my verse came first,
i stole change out her purse,
now i wanna dig her up outta the earth,
two more but lean forward,
toward a new paragraph,
blue carrots, D-class,
strictly that Kush in the weed bags,
tryna' figure out what Barry Gordie (?) had,
put in production,
studio's smokey now, hard like Davin Ruffin,
hit a spliff through a seance,
and I, play on playa

Snoop Dogg - Chorus
Finest females, i spit game
on, i spray tha, gotta' get
your papes on, playa on
before it's all gone, sip
don, tip weight up, do y'all
thing when i swing, baby,
spend dub's on yeh rugs(?),
gotta' live crazy,
finest females, i spit game
on, i spray tha, get your
papes on,
playa on playa, get your
papes on, play on playa, get
your papes on..uh

Nas - Verse 2
Ruby red grapefruit juice
with grey goose,
rubies in the Jesus
pimped out like Snoopy,
but a East Coast thing,
my girl's stocking,
tied up in a knot top a' my beanhead,
billion dollar dream head,
went from triple beams to digitals,
servin' fiends to minimal,
sixty g's no criminal,
no mo',
jus mo' doe,
my motions pouring,
Oprah's earrings,
on fingers while your girl
performs cunning lingas,
cause' there's big money a rumour lingers,
barber cleans his blade,
then they give me a fade,
hot towel on the face,
hot models who vommit after
they eat so they can stay
swallowin' my protein like
an ovaltine shake,
come thru' like mo green from Godfather,
so clean where i step i 'Clorox it',
keep twenty g's on both sides of the thighs,
that's four pockets, eighty
thousand, browse for the
nicest price,
but we ain't into buyin' conflict ice,
that's the shit they stole from the Congo,
and other block soil,
true mack foil,
nappy hair jus spinnin',
hunny gave me a massage
with the happy ending,
finest females i jus came on,
and sprayed uh, gotta get yeh
papes on, play on playa

Snoop Dogg repeats chorus

Snoop Dogg
It's kinda hard for a playa like you,
but let me show you how a nigga
like me, get revenue,
what ya never do
is punk out whatchu better do,
never let the game get ahead of you,
get a better view,
better yet, a better clue,
praise God, imma marry you,
get your hoe to, carry you,
bury you,
slowly, roll me another blunt,
stuff it,
lick it,
puff it,
tuck it,
fuck it,
that man,
that game,
that thang
it busts,
in D.O Double G we trust!
yup, yup, young roll with the two steps,
he creepin' with tha two tec's,
they sleepin' with two chicks,
right before we blast all you
heard was two clicks,
end of existence,
for instance,
replay it,
re-chop it,
remix it,
we twist it,
goddamn D.O Double G, cuz we missed it,
travel slow,
im an indian, but not a navajo, i
smoke the big leaf
end all the big beefs,
my hair in two braid's, im the big chief,
ladda da' beep bah baddda!
yeah, break that down, how fresh yeh are,
the king from Queens, Mr.Escobar,
connect with the best from the
west, yes yes, yah are,
oh my god, it's Snoop Dogg and Nas,
playa play on, play on, play
on, quiets play on, play
on, play on