Ditty dum Ditty doo Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Ditty dum Ditty doo as performed together by Nate Dogg&Tha Eastsidaz&Snoop Dogg

Lyrics to song Ditty dum Ditty doo by Nate Dogg feat. Tha Eastsidaz&Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg
Nate Dizzle, Fred Rizzle
Put the pieces to the Pizzle!

Chorus: Nate Dogg
All the ladies who like sex like I do
Come up to my room
I'm gon' give it to you
All my homies who make chips like I do
This ones for you
Ditty Dum, Ditty Doo

Verse 1: Snoop Dogg
Yeah, got the freak on it
Freak, freak on it
Yeah, I speak on it
Last week on it, Snoop D-O-double-G
I'm on the mic, doggone it, you want it
Here we go again, bout to flow again
Take you out, cuz I'm bout
to bust a hoe again
Got the flow again, throw it in
Mix it, cook it, gumbo, jumbo
It just dont quit, get them chips
Mac that bitch, keep it on the under
Make 'em wonder, do it wit no blunder
Snoop D-O-double-G gets the job done
No matter what they say about me
They doubt me, they cant fuck with the
D-0-double, yes indeed thats I
The fizzi, I do it till
the day I dizie!


Verse 2: Goldie Loc
We keep this popping
Still hit droppin
Comin strong just as long
as the beat knockin
Lookin at the clock wont do no good now
Everybody party cuz we
out of the hood now
Fred Red, hick, Goldie on the 2-way
Tell me whats crackin
And see what Snoop say
The coupe lay boomin in the parkin lot
And I'm pullin dime
pieces off of the top
Eshine, Evine, Candy Pam
Maisha, Tisha, Sandra, Ann
So mans call for alchohol
Close the door, we dogghouse deep
And we rollin hard

Bridge: Nate Dogg
All through the night
Better hit it all day
Every girl in the car
Gonna get it same way
You say you wanna turn me on
Well you did, lets play
You wanna share it wit a friend
Just admit it, 3-way
Ooh, 3-way, on the freeway
The G way, fuck what he say


Verse 3: Tray Deee
Do I like it? (Yes)
Do I mean it? (No)
Let me hook this double thing up
real quick, "ILUVIT"
Pussy always make my day flows move
If I dont get me done
I have a fucked up attitude
Back off a jack off, we far
from playin games
We some pimps, pardon bitch
No need to explain
Now look at little mama right there
She strain, suck dick and
she dont even care
Man, I'm all about breaking these hoes
Shaking these hoes, make a trick
take off here clothes
Shoot it in her nose
Money fingling, and jingling toes
Me and peep game, "I Got Pros"
Cunt love cock, and cock love cunt
I be feeling like its sex in my blunt
Hey Casey! Where Tracy at?
She said "Daddy she in the
front washin up the 'lac"
Jumped in my shit, hit the
switch, start smashin
Headed to another spot to
fuck some more asses
All my niggas like doin the damn thing
Happy beat it up like my
nigga Pootietang
Hell yeah, I love sex
Because after I'm done I'm like "NEXT!"
With my dick on hard,
church to them hoes
That be fuckin superstars!

Chorus 2x

Snoop Dogg
Dum ditty dum da dum
Ditty dum ditty dum
Dum ditty dum da dum
Ditty dum ditty dum
Dum ditty dum da dum
Ditty dum ditty dum

Nate Dogg
Ditty Dum Ditty Doo

Snoop Dogg
Say it, Say it
Say it brothers
Say it, say it brothers

Nate Dogg
Ditty Dum Ditty Doo

Snoop Dogg
Say it bubba
Yeah, yeah yeah
Nate Dizzle, Fred Rizzle
Put the pieces to the pizzle!