Letting Go (Dutty Love) Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Letting Go (Dutty Love) as performed together by Nicki Minaj&Sean Kingston

Lyrics to song Letting Go (Dutty Love) by Nicki Minaj feat. Sean Kingston

Ayo Sean
You Mr.Kingston
You say you have it
Louie it and then some
You how you qwan inna ice
You pretty and you nice
You done say Nicki ey yuh wife
Buh you say I be up wit you say
I ain't like them other Bitches that be actin loosley
Know you gettin hype I know you wanna get up in it
Buh I juss wanna think about it for another minute
I think I like yuh style
Why yall
Why don't we let go
And I ain't gotta tell em
And I ain't gotta sell em
Its YSL daddy I ain't gotta spell it
And yes I killa kill em
I guess I am the villan
I park on the curb
I'm the owner of the building (the building)
Yuh deaf
Boy me soon left
Come get this Playboy Bunny like Hue Hef
Dutty dutty d-d-d-d dutty