Zero Probability Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Zero Probability as performed by Nihil Obstat

Lyrics to song Zero Probability by Nihil Obstat

A step needed to be taken x2
In order to operate the engine
of natural selection
Matters of choose or be chosen x2
Issues of survival at play
Asure inheritance by
transmiting genetical code
From generation to generation
I foresee our demise
I foresee us choosing ourselves
Eliminating ourselves
All of us vanished
It seems a game of the last one standing
The so called dominant species
Is starting to mutate
Unconciebable alterations never expected
Not since we claimed to be perfect
Hostile landscape
I foresee no future
I foresee no one
I can't see our own
No chance to see a new day
Weaker day by day
Dying since our birth

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