i AM Afraid Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song i AM Afraid as performed by Nili Reyy

Lyrics to song i AM Afraid by Nili Reyy

Am I in love with you, what are you trying to do woah oh //
What you trying to do, Tell me do you want me too //
Is it because I got you heart struck, and now you all stuck //
And you all fucked up now //
Told you that I wouldn’t be here when you come around //
Told you what would happen now it’s your turn to fucking drown //
Down to the deep blue abyss //
Cross my heart and hope to die and that’s on God it won’t be missed //
Cause I know what you doing when you fucking with my head //
Don’t make me chase this waterfall that you know that never ends //

Am I afraid of loving //
Can you blame me for what it’s worth //
How do you say you don’t love me //
And turn around and just change your words //

Facts if it’s true then...
Then you lied to my face when you said I’m out of my place yea //
You was all in my lane yea now you ain’t in my lane damn //
How do I give an answer you would never give //
And how do I confess something you won’t admit //
Yea I’m just trying to say yea, you’re the one to blame yea //
You’re the one who told me to be king no matter what it takes yea //
So choke me all that you want take my lung if you want //
Cause you are my rib it was meant to be so I’ll play along //

I am so afraid of loving and I’m insane too //
Can you blame me for what that’s worth, worth yea //
How dare that you say you don’t love me //
Then turn around and just change your words, words yea //

Why did you change your word, Change your word //
Change your word, Change your word //
Change ya word, exchanging words //
I love you, exchanging words //
Change your words //

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