High Skool Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song High Skool as performed by P

Lyrics to song High Skool by P

Verse one: P
I'm wakin up in the morning,
slap that ass beside me waitin,
body stretchin, jaws yawnin hope to get my
blessin, pullin off tha sheets steppin on my
cold ghetto floor, lookin at my girl might not
see her anymore.. then now I turn around
heading for da shower shit is bangin,
taps is turned on mild warm cuz you know I'm slangin,
get myself together for a couple minutes,
shit already late, hoppin out tha showa, baby what's da time


dat shit is fake I'm putting on my clothes talkin to you
like if I was gods kid speakin,
Hoe, like a genius stuck in the solit-the-confinment
and in for bricks, before I leave,
I'm kissin you good bye,
hugz and all its hurtle but baby if I die tonight
gangstaz drank before dey murdered,
who could you blame in dis cold game but tha men in black,
all I'm sayin give us a job wit gud pay,
and we'll be back, a smile for a smile, a tooth for a tooth,
give me ball give you somethin back when its all in doubt,
you listenin boo,
I put my shoes approach my ghetto door in occur
lookin at my girl might see her no more

because dey te te tell me I'm a fool
I'ma fool because I cut cut
am I a fool
you see da same trick tricks
thinkin thinkin they slick
owning owning to tha same shit similiar bricks

verse two: P
I shut tha door see her skandolous eyes,
creepin down the lonely hallway feelin tied,
I push the elevator button but its taking to long,
but now the elevators here droppin first floor I'm gone,
I'm lookin side ta side, don't wanna get murdered,
I'm feelin paranoid dat dey don't come burglered,
burglered, as the civilians on tha block
disguised to deal wit matters, 40 shotz,
I'm movin swift swift, because dis is how tha world made me
approachin transportation headin for da skool dat makes me,
am I a fool think I can fly high,
my motivation drinkin juice makin cash high,
knowin basics dats all I need to know for dis game
makin cash helps me take away da,
takes aways da pain, and now I'm roaming,
see da hoochies and dey lookin gud just can see past dat ass,
visions of me gettin hood, I look to see da time and its gettin late,
cuz its a quarter a quarter ta 9 before I hit da cake,
now no more transportation and I'm feeling baked,
because I drank a 40 ounce I forgot to state


I'm walkin walkin walkin
like a criminal criminal criminal
I'm walkin I'm walkin I'm walkin I'm walkin
like a criminal criminal criminal
verse three: P

I'm walkin like a criminal because my minds filled wit spirituals,
my rugged posture describes a demon piff miracle,
I reach the skool ain't no expectations, and plus,
I swear ta god I see tha same peeps racin,
and when I look at tha front, front,
I see tha kidz, sellin dope,
am I a fool, ha ah nah man, nah man

thinkin skoolz a joke joke

because dey te te tell me I'm a fool _p_wat
I'ma fool because I cut cut
am I a fool_p_wat
you see da same trick tricks
thinkin thinkin they slick
owning owning to tha same shit similiar bricks

verse four: P
keep your eyes on me and focus well I poke it,
and take you deeper through anotha life full of pain and dope sales,
a simple sky in da sky, darkend up to da eye,
its just another perfect day in tha hood,
kidz is sellin dope to tha neighbourhood kidz,
makin money for more party smokin hard cigz,
cigz, look at mr. hater, lookin hard wit his squinted eyez,
knockin all deez headz home in the bin high

outro: P
teacha end up diseased in tha streetz,
if you don't know me now u know me in tha streets its deep,
so give up now cuz sooner or later,
we're gonna fuck, but still till then
I'm livin in the streets where they'd buck you

Nice Lyrics This Song Is by A young Spanish Guy Named
Jessy Carcamo Real name Artist Name "P Aka Noble"


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