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Lyrics in Album For You (2021)

There is a total of 13 lyrics in Album For You (2021). Pick your favourite song and start singing.

Song titleArtist names
  1. 1Only YouParmalee
  2. 2Just The WayParmalee ft. Blanco Brown
  3. 3Backroad GirlParmalee
  4. 4Take My NameParmalee
  5. 5I DoParmalee
  6. 6Miss You NowParmalee
  7. 7Greatest HitsParmalee ft. Fitz
  8. 8Better With YouParmalee
  9. 9Forget YouParmalee ft. Avery Anna
  10. 10Alone Like ThatParmalee
  11. 11I See YouParmalee
  12. 12I'll Take The ChevyParmalee
  13. 13For YouParmalee


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