Don't Worry Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Don't Worry as performed together by PARTYNEXTDOOR&Ca$h Out

Lyrics to song Don't Worry by PARTYNEXTDOOR feat. Ca$h Out

Hook - PND:
Still got it, my nigga
Don't worry about me, nigga
Never worry about me, nigga
Don't worry about me
Everybody say they got rack up
Show me the rollie

Verse 1 - PND:
Niggas can't count me out cause these niggas countin' on me
Hoes wanna come see a boy now cause hoes wanna fuck with me
Subsidized housing is a project
Poppa never taught me how to cock it
Poppa just taught me how to respect it
Sauga City taught me how to pop it
Bullets don't come with a nina
Gun's don't with a Killer, Gun's don't come for vanilla
The choppa' only coming for a nigga
Choppa can tell when tequila screw up like Ikea, kea, kea
She look like Aaliyah, liyah, liyah, liyah
That's how I treat her, treat her, treat her, treat her
Bad lil' whoadie

Bridge - PND:
Rollie rollie that came with that roll
All as a kid I was dreaming 'bout more
You fucking with me I got more by the North
Ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, you know I got it


Verse 2 - Ca$h Out:
Everyday a nigga birthday so I need a bigger cake
These niggas paying for these bitches, man I'm chilling tryna' find me some real estate
Bases loaded eatin' good over here, bitch tell the waiter bring some dinner plates
Everybody keep saying that I'm in the lead, didn't know I was in a race
Excuse the Versace that's sitting on the floor
I'm pimping and Party singing to your ho
I told my other girl that I might be late, one way pocket so you know a nigga straight
On another note, yeah you know, I still got it in the glove with the pocket rocket
Step in the building, bitches get excited, have you ever seen a female riot?
Ooh, gettin' too close then somebody might shoot you
I left the bullshit in the past, nigga I can see the future
Ray Charles-Ray Bans, all I see is money, all I see is honeys
In the club blowing your budget
Now the haters gon' hate, but the bitches love it




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