Joy Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Joy as performed by PartyNextDoor

Lyrics to song Joy by PartyNextDoor

I love you, mhm
Easier to say than mean it these days
I wanna feel joy
Joy, for the noise
Mhm baby, I'm letting down my hair, up in my car,
when will we that say we've taken it too far?
Baby you're still a joy, that I've taken too much of

Let me be it, mhm
Let me see it, mhm
Let me fuck my joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy
I wanna sing joy baby, I wanna sing joy
I wanna feel joy, I wanna feel joy
Joy (Feel joy)
Let me find my joy

I wanna feel joy, oh, for the noise baby
Taking it too far
Let me see, let me find
Joy, joy, joy, (Let me feel joy)
Joy (I wanna feel joy)
I wanna feel joy


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